Cutting tool of foreign PCBN cutting uses a technology

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Cubic nitrogen changes boron (CBN) is material of pure artificial synthesis, it is afterwards making synthetic diamond later, american GE company announced another kind to use compound of device of high temperature superhigh pressure above all 1957 new-style exceed hard data. Get together nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre changes boron (PCBN) is the polycrystal that by CBN small pink becomes with a few bond agglomeration, since PCBN developed a success 1973 oneself, through the effort of numerous material expert and cutting tool expert, PCBN material and its cutting tool enter practical phase completely already, already applied at the machining industry such as car, heavy machinery in cutting tool of PCBN of industrial developed country, according to data introduction the sale of cutting tool of whole world PCBN was amounted to 1995 1.

3.5 billion dollar, and because our country is right CBN material and the research that its use a technology are inadequate, year of crop of PCBN cutting tool only millions yuan RMB, year use up also only ten million or so yuan, and base of majority PCBN knife or cutting tool are import from abroad. One, the major attribute nitrogen of the function CBN of PCBN material changes boron to have a variety of isomers. CBN is the compact posture that nitrogen changes boron, have very tall hardness, 47000N/mm2 of its Knoop hardness, , be next to diamond. In the meantime, CBN has good thermal conductivity sex, its thermal conductance is hard alloy 13 times, 3 times of copper. Additional, CBN still has the thermal stability of far excel diamond and chemical stability, can be able to bear or endure the high temperature of 1500 ℃ of 1300 ~ , and with element of Fe a group of things with common features has very big chemical laziness. Visible CBN is the material of ideal cutting tool of metal of black of the cutting that make. Because the character of PCBN accepts CBN itself character and the restriction that its make a technology, the single crystal of big grain CBN that production uses at cutting cutting tool directly is current still very difficult. For this, make through bond CBN agglomeration and material of become PCBN much brilliant gets developing more quickly, its dimension size is main unlimited. Each are tiny in PCBN organization grain shows the sort that do not have foreword, hardness is even, do not have tropism of in the right way, have consistent wearability and impact resistance, overcame the inadequacy such as manage of legibility of single crystal CBN and anisotropy. PCBN belongs to the aggregation of CBN, outside dividing the characteristic that has CBN, PCBN still reachs the element such as the sort of bond to concern with size of diameter of the content of CBN, bead. CBN content basically affects the hardness of PCBN and thermal conductance, content is high, the hardness of PCBN and thermal conductance are tall. Size of CBN bead diameter is the main factor that affects PCBN tenacity, bead way is older, its fight damaged sex to lose more, with the blade of cutting tool cutting that this makes sharp sex is differred. The bond in PCBN basically has the metal mold that is a delegate with Co, Ni, the pottery and porcelain that gives priority to with TiC, TiN, Al2O3 mix with cermet model. When metallic stuff makes bond, PCBN has better tenacity and conductivity; Material of pottery and porcelain makes bond, have relatively the thermal stability of actor. PCBN is divided outside having the performance with good above, to increase its strength further, each PCBN manufacturer is at present much 0.

The PCBN layer that 5mm controls is direct agglomeration or solder to go up in hard alloy matrix, made formation a compound whole (also say PCBN is compound a) . The intensity actor of stability of the tall hardness of such PCBN material, high fever and tall chemical stability and hard alloy matrix, solderability is good wait one case, make PCBN cutting tool not only but cutting the workpiece of all sorts of hardness, and also produce easily make. Express the 1 function that is PCBN material and material of other cutting tool to compare. The function that expresses 1 PCBN and material of other cutting tool compares hardness of main function PCBNPCDAl2O3WC(K20)Knoop (GPa)30 ~ 12016 ~ of 4580 ~ 2417 bending strength (GPa)0.

8 ~ 1.


1 ~ 2.


4 ~ 1.


7 stretch models are measured (815560 ~ of GPa)680 ~ 840420593 rupture tenacity (MPa √ M)3.

7 ~ 6.


0 ~ 9.


3 ~ 3.


5 thermal conductance (100200 ~ of W/(mK))44 ~ 56020.

9100 2, characteristic of cutting of PCBN cutting tool -- cutting of strong voice of strong voice cutting is to point to be in the cutting treatment after good heat treatment of temper by dipping in water of spare parts of iron a group of things with common features, and past grinding still is its only treatment method. As cutting tool of pottery and porcelain, especially PCBN cutting tool (PCBN material has admirable red rigid. The hardness below 1000 ℃ still the hardness that prep above hard alloy issues in room temperature) development is successful, strong voice cutting gets flying at full speed exhibiting. When PCBN cutting tool undertakes strong voice cutting, because PCBN does not stick a knife, wear away small, can acquire extremely tall treatment precision and exterior quality (Ra0.

2 ~ 2.

0µm) , implementation is ground with car generation. Be opposite according to Japanese cutting association the investigation of 53 big companies makes clear homeland, the application of Japanese PCBN cutting tool has 55% is to replace original grinding and honing. The hard steel of temper by dipping in water that PCBN cutting tool basically applies to cutting 45HRC above, wear-resisting is cast-iron, what the heat-resisting alloy of 35HRC above or other cutting tool machine very hard is special and cast-iron. If be machined material hardness is too low, criterion the advantage of PCBN cutting tool will be not quite clear. De BeersBZN6000BZN7000SBZN8100BZN820090%CBN of England of photograph of 50%CBN of photograph of 90%CBN of 80%CBN of type of photograph of the model that expresses 2 abroad main PCBN and quantity of Gao Han of AMBORITEDBA80AMB90DBC50 of company of characteristic model characteristic, thick granuality, pottery and porcelain, whole, medium granuality, Al/AlB2, fine granuality, pottery and porcelain, 0.

65CBN of type of photograph of 82%CBN of photograph of 3µm, metal, pottery and porcelain, whole, 0.

Gao Han of GEBN600BN100BN300BNX20 of United States of photograph of 65%CBN of photograph of 3µm, TiN, TiN measures 80%CBN<1.

Japan of photograph of pottery and porcelain of photograph of 0µm, pottery and porcelain lives granule of thick granuality of photograph of high content of appearance of pottery and porcelain of friendly electrical engineering SumitomoMB710MB710MB810MB810, metal spends Japan 90%CBN of ~ of JBN500JBN300JBN330JBN2080% of ル of ア of リ of テ of マ of 3 water chestnut, 2 ~ 3, 55% ~ of metallic photograph 65%CBN, 4, can divide roughly it is two kinds big, contain quantity PCBN and PCBN(of bond of low content pottery and porcelain high to also call pottery and porcelain CBN) namely. High content PCBN(is general 80% ~ of CBN content 90%) is give priority to with be united in wedlock directly between CBN, have sex of tall hardness, tall thermal conductivity and good tenacity, cutting tool of this kind of PCBN agrees with the material that tall hard particle contains in machining tall hardness alloy and organization, be like cold hard alloy of cast-iron, hard alloy, heat-resisting. At present base of knife of this kind of PCBN basically has the BZN6000 of GE company, the Amborite of De Beers company, DBC80, live the BN100 of friendly electrician, BN600. In hard steel of cutting temper by dipping in water (steel of alloy steel, bearing, mould steel, carbon steel) when, because cutting temperature is higher, requirement PCBN cutting tool has tall hardness not only, still ask to have fight oxidation higher ability and fight diffuse tatty ability, should use pottery and porcelain to make the semifinished product of knife of low content PCBN of bond to this. Although this kind of PCBN is taller sex of He Ren of the hardness of content PCBN, thermal conductance is a bit low, but the characteristic that because the hear resistance of material of pottery and porcelain is good,differring with thermal conductivity sex, make cutting area forms heat to stop temperature is elevatory, workpiece is local and rapid form plasticity to be out of shape and easily cutting, can achieve better result (also call bate effect) . At present base of this kind of knife basically has the BZN8100 of GE company, BZN8200, the DBC50 of De Beers company, live the BN300 of friendly electrician, BN220. Express the 2 model that are base of knife of foreign main PCBN and characteristic. 4, the applied limits of PCBN cutting tool is divided by the industry, auto industry is occupied 50.

37% , heavy-duty and mechanical ~ 20.

74% , pump line of business 8.

89% , bearing gear 5.

93% , make friends boils 5.

19% , aerospace 2.

90% , other 5.

93% . By treatment data is divided, quench steel is occupied 65% , cast-iron 28% , refractory steel 7% . By treatment working procedure is divided, turning is occupied 60% , boring 32.

5% , Duan Xi 7.

5% . By replace primary treatment to divide, 50% to replace grinding, 30% replace hard alloy cutting tool, 10% replace cermet cutting tool, 5% replace cutting tool of pottery and porcelain, 5% replace honing treatment. The speed of cutting of material of workpiece of economic cutting speed that expresses 3 PCBN cutting tool (M/min) feed (Mm/r) cutting deepness (hard steel of Mm) temper by dipping in water 50 ~ 1600.

02 ~ 0.

2 ≤ 0.

3 ash mouth is cast-iron 200 ~ 15000.

1 ~ 0.

5 ≤ 1.

0 ash mouth is cast-iron (milling) 800 ~ 15000.

1 ~ 0.

1 ≤ 0.

5 alloy cast iron 200 ~ 8000.

1 ~ 0.

4 ≤ 0.

5 nodular cast iron 100 ~ 3500.

1 ~ 0.

4 ≤ 0.

5 iron base agglomeration material 50 ~ 2500.

03 ~ 0.


1 ~ 1.

0 cold hard cast-iron 40 ~ 1300.

1 ~ 0.


2 ~ 3.

0 high-speed steel 20 ~ 800.

1 ~ 0.


1 ~ 3.

Alloy of 0Ni radical heat-resisting 110 ~ 1600.

05 ~ 0.


1 ~ 1.

Alloy of 0Co radical heat-resisting 50 ~ 1000.

05 ~ 0.


1 ~ 1.

0 5, when PCBN cutting tool applies cutting of technical strong voice, radial load is very big, the tigidity of machine tool and system must very good, power is enough big. When cutting tool of the PCBN that hold clip, of cutting tool dangerous extend length to want as far as possible short, the flutter with preventing arbor and be out of shape, make PCBN cutting tool holds good position. PCBN cutting tool is poorer than tenacity of hard alloy cutting tool, because this is when cutting, use the part before losing commonly (0 ° ~ - 10 ° ) , lesser hind horn (8 ° of 6 ° ~ ) and lose edge [(0.

1 ~ 0.

2) × (30 ° of 10 ° ~ ) ] . If be opposite further,proper passivation handles cutting blade, it is better to be met. Additional, below probable condition, use small tool cutting edge angle and radius of big circular arc of point of a knife as far as possible, this conduces to protection cutting blade, prolong cutting tool service life. Cutting tool of reasonable use PCBN, the durability of cutting tool of accurate judgement PCBN is crucial. Face of the knife after proposal PCBN cutting tool wears away the standard is amounted to 0.

3 ~ 0.

Little value) is taken when 5mm(fine vehicle, undertake be weighinged regularly grinding had better. But the equipment with grind need certain again and skill, the machine tool of most factory does not have suitable requirement, PCBN cutting tool is ground again should be finished by professional firm. Affirmatory cutting speed, feed and cutting deepness should consider integratedly to produce efficiency and finished cost. Normally the circumstance issues its cutting speed to be able to be controlled 2 times higher than hard alloy cutting tool, high cutting rate produces big heat in metal cutting, make be increased by the plasticity of treatment material, be helpful for reducing cutting force. Express the 3 economic cutting speed that are PCBN cutting tool. When PCBN cutting tool is being used in order to do cutting had better, if need cutting fluid when, must cool sufficient, ban with water-solubility cutting fluid. As technical progress, series of PCBN knife base is increasing, special sex is stronger and stronger, the workpiece that pledge to different capable person and asks should choose relevant PCBN data, in order to obtain satisfactory treatment result. CNC Milling CNC Machining