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In the past in 5 years, the sale state of German tool industry, besides normal wave motion, total trend rises continuously, but of the product offer goods period to lengthen. As economic condition improve further, must accelerate new product to develop and take a relation seriously to wear the research of future of tool manufacturing industry develops the work. Make manufacturing industry can use more efficient cutting tool after 2000. Other of E of aluminium alloy of D of forged steel of C of nodular cast iron of B of A casting pig pursues material of workpiece of 1 car industry develops C of aluminium alloy of B of trend A steel nickel of D of cobalt radical alloy base F of alloy of alloy E titanium synthesizes material to pursue 2 aircrafts engine is versed in, current what task is the mainest to tool industry? Can list the following 10 respects: How to machine new occurrence workpiece material; About hard - work - high speed treatment; About electrophoresis deposit craft, and the hard alloy of gradient structure; About multilayer coating of coating, accept rice class; Lubricate about lubricity coating and minim technology; One-time cutting tool; Intelligent cutting tool; Offer the cutting technology that has administrative function; Internet is affected to what tool industry brings; Patent technology concerns with what popularize. New cutting tool should machine what kind of workpiece material to be in future in 10 years, what kind of workpiece data should the cutting tool of new development process? From the as closest as tool industry concern two industry department- - the answer that auto industry and aviation industry can get making clear. In auto industry, aluminium alloy takes dominant place, graph 1 it is the metabolic trend that material of work of plant of Swedish Volvo car makes. Aluminium alloy still makes the main material of plane airframe. In aircraft engine manufacturing industry, besides aluminium alloy, main material still has nickel radical alloy and titanium base alloy, graph 2 it is engine of Swedish Volvo aircraft the metabolic trend that yard work material makes. In addition, the structure that afore-mentioned material make returns occurrent change, predict vermicular black lead is cast-iron (GGV) and magnesium alloy will have main effect henceforth. Express 1 it is these two kinds of material and common casting pig (the comparison of function of GG) , aluminium alloy, they will affect the life of the efficiency that cutting machines and cutting tool. Express 1 material function to compare GG25GGV of workpiece material casting pig cast-iron 70% pearlite GGV is cast-iron Kg40 of gross weight of lid of cylinder of HB19020025010072 of hardness of Gpa1301451457445 of quantity of stretch model of Mpa230440480255225 of intensity of AZ91HP of magnesium alloy of AlSi9Cu3 of 95% pearlite aluminium alloy.



5 cylinder build suttle Kg35.



52217 hard - work - high speed cutting: Do good treatment of 10 of cutting relevant technologies, basically be to show cementite quenchs the treatment of steel, the technical level that can reach at present sees a table 2. The most fundamental trend in current production technology is dry cutting for certain. Listed economy ground uses 10 of this technology the vitallest relevant technologies below: Can do type generally only or do type cutting craft definitely ability is valuable, because be machined in aperture (auger, tap, bore with a reamer) cutting area has very high cutting temperature, because this aperture is added,labour is dry type cutting whether general key. Must adopt point of view of new special cutting tool geometry, in order to reduce the attrition between cutting tool and workpiece, be helpful for cutting the flow of bits. Cutting tool material should suit to grind a sharp point, in order to drop cutting temperature. Use those who contain TiAlN is multilayer coating, prevent quantity of heat to pass into cutting tool. Reduce the attrition of the flow that cut bits with anti-friction coating. External minim method of lubrication is only right often do not change the treatment of cutting tool is simple and effective. To changing often the machining center machine tool of cutting tool, need uses classics main shaft - the in-house minim of cutting tool is lubricant supply means. Want to pump cuts the unit of bits and oily mist. The machine tool that applies to dry be sure to to cut should be helpful for those who cut bits falling, and very can fast will cut bits to keep clear of from treatment area. The shift of workbench has add high (decrease) speed, in order to offer first-rate feed rate. Must use high cutting rate, make quantity of heat by cut bits to take away. The technical condition that expresses 2 hard cutting (by Hannuowei industrial university is offerred) with pottery and porcelain, CBN hard turning is used exceed fine grained hard alloy + TiN coating hard milling is used exceed fine grained hard alloy + ~ of Vc(m/min)120 of speed of cutting of TiAlN coating hard milling 250200 ~ 35040 ~ 60 feed F(mm/Z)0.

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42 ~ of ~ of Ra(µm)1 of 1 surface roughness 4 precision of 52 ~ 10 graphs of ~ of IT5 ~ 7IT7 cutting of 3 dry type makes an industry develop prospect in German machinery afore-mentioned 10 in have a few even farther specifications, among them the most important is the 10th, because only the premise that reducing productivity when dry type cutting falls, its advantage just has real sense, get applied extensively. Carry out a proof, use dry type cutting to must raise cutting rate, make quantity of heat by cut bits to take away. Actual condition is more not bad than what anticipate, productivity not only did not reduce, still rose even. The speed that popularizes about this technology can have many fast, the view of experts is not identical, graph the 3 proportion that produce an industry to do type cutting place to occupy for German machinery: It is at present 6% , to 2003 first-rate estimation can be amounted to 40% , and actual estimation is 20% . Work to accelerate the promotion of dry type cutting, the practice of the 2nd old automobile factory can offer Germany draw lessons from, the principle that its project carries out arrangement is: Always can use the process of dry type cutting, must throw the machine tool that suits dry type cutting, can undertake machining by the following principle otherwise: Use minim to lubricate above all, see treatment feasible. If must use refrigeration, answer first consideration emulsion. Just use oily refrigeration below circumstance of be forced to do only. About doing the development of type cutting machine tool, the does type cutting applicably machining center that at present at least already factory of 12 machine tools can offer new development or near future will roll out prototype. Can replace high-speed steel and solder the cutting tool stuff that the hard alloy of type PCD takes dominant place in the market at present or traditional pattern: P kind use at processing steel, k kind use at treatment cast-iron with aluminium alloy. Such pattern be about to outdated, p kind the advantage of hard alloy depends on merely, can not weigh besmear after when processing rolled steel, be ground again. Actually, this advantage already appeared not matter, if use coating exceed fine grained hard alloy, with P kind hard alloy photograph is compared, before be ground again the addition of life exceeds the life loss after be being ground again far, because this gross life has very big rise, see a picture 4. To raise the tenacity of hard alloy, it is the content that adds cobalt normally, the hardness that brings from this is reduced can get compensating through refining granuality now (5) seeing a picture, make exceed fine grained hard alloy to be favorred thereby. Be in especially the machine tool is rigid the circumstance with treatment poorer or not stable condition, if use common hard metal,cutting tool can hit a knife sooner or later. Graph 6 it is to use the crankshaft oily Kong Zuan that exceeds fine grained hard alloy to make, hole depth is 25d, represented the top level with this kind of current cutting tool. 4 K40UF of the graph after B of A TiN coating is ground again and durability of P40 cutting tool compare graph 5 K kind the hardness of hard alloy and intensity graph 6 with the crankshaft oil that exceeds fine grained hard alloy to make Kong Zuan pursues the point that another advantage of hard alloy of fine grained of structure of metallographic of K40UF of 7 gradient hard alloy is cutting tool is sharp, suit to machine those very sticking workpiece material. High intensity and sharp point, although machining the circumstance with abominable condition to also can replace high-speed steel cutting tool, make the applied range of hard alloy cutting tool more wide thereby. Although used the horniness gold hardness that fine grained of accept rice class makes and intensity to reach highest value, but the price is too expensive. Developed pliable but strong of ministry of a kind of core, surface then data of hard gradient function hard alloy (graph 7) . At present this kind of material still can use thick grain hard alloy to make only. So successive (of stepless) gradient construction material suits to make the cutting tool with point changeless circular arc very much (if establish) of milling cutter, reamer. To having Duan Ren's cutting tool, wait like milling cutter of broach, awl, blade of its horizontal stroke wears away very fast, to this, deposit of electric arteries and veins can bring a breakthrough. This technology can lead the scale of the tenacity that changes coating and hardness with very little change, it can go to the grain deposit of gradient function of appearance of cutting tool random apparently. When can deposit when compact diamond coating, solder the diamond cutting tool of type, because its price is costly, adverse environmental protection, and solder on complex external form quality is not stable wait for malpractice, will be washed out. Multilayer can coating and coating of accept rice class replace TiN? In all sorts of coating, tiN coating takes dominant place, and newest coating research exploration closes 3 of cutting tool coating the mainest good points together. Build for ground floor with TiN multilayer coating, can assure the optimum behavior of coating. The manufacturing efficiency of this kind of coating is not low also, because engrave,corrode and coating working procedure can undertake partly at the same time. Deposit on TiN ground floor TiAlN and TiN are multilayer the structure has best effect to interstitial absorption. Be in multilayer in the structure, the effect that the change between layer and layer makes break changes a trend greatly more is better, increased the run that break expands to matrix consequently. Current, the surface layer of much coating is TiAlN commonly, because the heat conduction of TiAlN leads lowest. In addition, the oxide that generates as a result of TiAlN surface layer is corundum, it is taller than the oxide strength that builds by TiN surface layer. Multilayer coating must use the much arc technology that ever was denied, the productivity of much arc craft is unchallenged, the problem is the big grain that exists in coating, meeting block up cuts these big grain the flow of bits, because this is unwell,at Tu Fu deep aperture machines cutting tool. To evaluate the effect of this kind of grain mensurably, introduced coating the concept of slip coefficient, in order to reflect the influence rate of the grain in coating. The method is the feed power that measures to getting the place when cutting undertake an analysis, with get accordingly cut deepness to express. What use lesser grain through be being mixed to the improvement of quarter corrode craft is multilayer structure, can improve the slip performance of much arc coating greatly. In the meantime, still can pass the slip performance that improves coating from polishing effect. After the grain problem that solving existence of much arc coating, multilayer coating is compared normally TiN coating can improve treatment efficiency greatly. Coating of accept rice class makes the hardness of cutting tool and wearability rise further, accordingly, abandon using in the future likely solder cutting tool of type CBN, PCD. The technology of coating of accept rice class has mastered, the time that dominates discharge namely and be spent by the rotate speed coming back that Tu Dao has, make both and accurate synchronism. But of coating of accept rice class practical return Tu Fu of batch of bureau be confined to the cutting tool of identical geometry appearance. Those coating companies that run independently, want to handle different work at the same time normally, because this is returned,cannot besmear accept rice class. Will tell to these companies, current the most important is the technology retreating besmear that development has economic value. At present company of a lot of coating still does not master the skill that retreats Tu He to refine grain. Accordingly, inside quite long henceforth period of time, its major servicing or simple weighing besmear. A kind of coating technology that has development outlook more is ionic infuse (PII) , its principle is the bombard aggrandizement crystal lattice that passes metallic ion, make hardness rises and do not change the size of cutting tool, this is very advantageous to finish machining cutting tool. Produce existing craft and binding energy of ionic infuse photograph quite new-style coating, that applies ionic infuse to be generated on matrix above all namely as from the back of groovy coating " " , can achieve first-rate coating performance so. CNC Milling CNC Machining