From craft the design considers cutting cutting tool with respect to need at the beginning

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The manufacturing demand that changes ceaselessly to answer and the workpiece stuff that have challenge sex more and more, technology of cutting cutting tool is developing quickly. Current machining plant need waits for their cutting cutting tool and tool supplier with look one kind with different in the past kind. Shanteweikekeleman is in charge of the product manager Jim Grimes that the machine tool invests pointing out, the choice is used why to plant cutting tool is admittedly main, and it when choosing cutting tool is likewise special and important to when choosing cutting tool. Considering the optimal opportunity that uses efficient cutting tool is to be in what any pair of new work or new treatment job undertake craft analysis and design to begin phase. To finish new treatment job, will be you used why to plant cutting cutting tool? This one problem and " you will be used why to plant machine tool " the problem is likewise serious. Of course, it is before the treatment machine tool with the most appropriate make choice of, return the cutting cutting tool that cannot use certainly. To certain work, beginning phase, the likelihood is not clear about is to use machining center to still use lathe to machine more reasonable, accordingly, buying with respect to the decision right now why to plant cutting tool is vogue apparently early. But, job shops often can make as contrary as this mistake, they buy treatment machine tool above all, consider to should be configured again next why to plant cutting tool. The risk that the risk that place of this kind of practice risks buys cutting tool first with not affirmatory machine tool almost is euqally big, because once bought a machine tool, job shops locks up him possibly be in surely mix by parameter of machine tool technology in limits of definitive of functional characteristic place, make its impossible to use the efficient cutting tool that can develop dominant position of the biggest treatment again thereby. In other words, if do not consider cutting tool and machine tool at the same time, job shops perhaps can strip a lot of opportunities of the managing finished cost that oneself realize likely originally. Actually, job shops may cost more to treat unjustly money on the machine tool even, because pass,choose correct cutting tool, the workshop buys load likely the machine tool with lesser or inferior value. It is a few more special reason that why should considering cutting cutting tool at the beginning below: 1 optimize craft parameter to know you will use what cutting tool to machine beforehand some is planted or some kind new work, you can understand clearly, cutting tool of avery kind of uses what kind of main shaft rotate speed, feed rate, power and torque are the idealest. Knew the range of craft parameter, job shops can choose to be able to provide the machine tool of these craft parameter accurately. In addition, decided the workshop of demand of cutting tool treatment may discover earlier, only the torque with taller need of a kind of cutting tool or power, that is to say, need to undertake to a kind of cutting tool function compromises only, can come true buy power small much, price is cheap also the purpose of much machine tool. Function of 2 affirmatory machine tools is certain characteristic of machine tool function is certain to making full use of the efficient cutting tool of the type is indispensable. For example, certain the machine tool of requirement of complex cutting tool that is used at Che Yixi machine tool must have function of B axis fixed position, and job shops may not hope to will be added on the machine tool again henceforth pack this kind of function. CoroTurn HP cutting tool of Shanteweikekeleman is narrated before one can explain the example of the problem is more. To raise cutting rate, prolong cutting tool life, the high-pressured refrigeration current that this cutting tool uses accurate alignment to machine place forms water wedge effect, will cut bits " hold in the palm " give cutting division side by side. But if machine tool itself does not have high-pressured refrigeration function, with respect to this kind of advantage that cannot achieve CoroTurn HP cutting tool. Modular change cutting tool quickly to pursue position of knife of inventory of 3 amalgamative knives is modular cutting tool (attached drawing) can be in same change quickly on cutter hub different milling knife head and get the head that cut a knife, need not changing knife hind to undertake metrical afresh to cutting tool every time thereby. If job shops knows to will use this beforehand,plant modular cutting tool, the machining center with cutting tool less place is deposited in can choosing library of a kind of knife. Such, can leave a machine tool the commonly used cutting tool that often uses the major position that put a knife, and need to use only a few modular cutter hub, can satisfy choose all and other the demand of a cutting tool that ability of Zhou Yu Er can use. Working procedure of 4 amalgamative treatment has some of job shops to be able to consider use advanced cutting tool to reduce original need even additional purchased machine tool. For example, to machine crucial deep aperture, the likelihood needs to use minute of foreword to machine means, for this, the workshop may need to purchase expensive rigid boring machine technically, because be used at finishing the rest,the lathe of treatment task or machining center cannot offer deep aperture to machine the stability of a need. Nevertheless, use damp cutting tool how? The company had developed Shanteweikekeleman to use the boring rod of in-house damp technology, it can offset the machine tool with poorer tigidity is in treatment the vibration that produces. If use this kind of cutting tool, need not purchase expensive rigid boring machine to undertake foreword is machined dividing again. Not all job shops is very clear lever of boring of such as damp such cutting tool technology innovates, but these advanced cutting tool exist really. Seasoned tool supplier knows well and truly when to use these cutting tool. Needing those who emphasize to repeat is, tool supplier should. Share technology as early as possible in analysis and design! Machine tool technology is developing ceaselessly, but the development rate of cutting tool technology is rapidder even. Cutting tool of lever of aforementioned damp boring, diamond with etc a lot of example make clear, the new machine tool that you are considering to buy can finish what imagine than you probably more treatment tasks. Make full use of the advanced cutting tool of current and ceaseless emerge in large numbers, can make your new machine tool (or original machine tool) develop the biggest effectiveness. CNC Milling CNC Machining