Scanner of laser of region of place of safety, ensure rotate the safety of workbench

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Rotate workbench is in BMW Germany the axle of Dingolfing of southeastern small town assembles a factory to act very important role. Monitoring of S300 of scanner of laser of region of place of safety their act course and in onefold nobody carry course of the management in assembling a station the travel space of the car. S300 of scanner of laser of small-sized and safe area can prevent the collision between act of unmanned stage car the workbench that this rotates is produced by place of German company EmilSchmidMaschinenbau. This company Mr.

WolfgangSchid reviewing says: "At the outset, we consider to use defend bumper makes protector, but we are very fast later be persuaded by the defends the function is brought benefit with powerful scanner of region of S300 place of safety. " the S300 of SICK: Movable type defends perfect choice S300 of application is a scanner of cabinet laser of region of place of safety, it offerred brand-new mobile monitoring to defend solution. S300 scanning angle achieves 270 ° , basis IEC61496-3 is approbated bring congruent level for Type3, approbate according to IEC61508 for SIL2 grade. Be based on mobile sex to defend systematic demand, the design of scanner of region of S300 place of safety follows the principle of economic space, weight and power source strictly, offer what scanning radius amounts to two meters to defend area and scanning radius are as high as 8 meters warning area, and all can simple procedure turns the application that depends on dimensional demand with according with those height. A when decelerate stops scanner of region of S300 place of safety to what be not contact main good point is it permits vehicle beforehand decelerate and stop. Mr.

WolfgangSchid says: "If use,defend bumper, car can stop only with the means of direct contact, be met so apparent fright arrives staff member. But if use scanner of region of S300 place of safety, we can use the separate admonitory division that can set and the speed that defend the area will drop car and judgement whether does actual state do those who be not contact to stop. Correct distance maintains between the workbench that such character makes each independent. Moreover, because we can be defined freely,defend area, also can defend with S300 bulgy outline, for example axle. " he emphasizes saying: "The powerful dominant position of S300 defends be done not have on the system in existing other. " Mr.

WolfgangSchid thinks, scanner of laser of region of S300 place of safety is offerred the biggest of the use flexibility that change and cost economic, should defend in its safety next rail mounted and automatic shift when nobody carry a car to be run in order normally, this device had proved its value to BMW. CNC Milling CNC Machining