Shanteweikekeleman rolls out razor blade of turning of new chamfer form

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Shanteweikekeleman rolled out LC of new chamfer form, in order to answer be hard to the mild steel material of cutting. All the time since, the data of bit turning mild steel that uses groovy chamfer form achieves satisfactory result very hard, advocate because be to cut bits to fail seasonable eduction, cause twine, your production is forced to interrupt. Express according to Shanteweikekeleman, the groovy form of new design has the efficient function that discharge bits to be able to reduce the risk that bits cuts to twine in cutting process, the cutting of without reason barrier that faces mild steel data strode one stride. Come so, because not the risk of cut bits and poses cutting tool attaint of eduction is able to reduce, also can improve productivity effectively. In the meantime, as a result of eduction cut bits to won't damage component, conduce improves the exterior quality of component. In addition, of razor blade of the blade that repair light use Yi Ke to raise feed. Pass this to be designed distinctly, make auto industry medium the big batch production of gear case can get optimal productivity. The has mild steel to break bits chamfer bit that takes the lead in rolling out has 3, use different steel cutting respectively special talent is qualitative: GC4225, GC1525 and GC2025. CNC Milling CNC Machining