Strong cut mould CAD three-dimensional standard component into parts the development of the library and application

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Article place is narrated is the foundation that considered to develop the design process that reduces a standard and specific work content in development go up, use the CAA of 2 development tool of CATIA and VC software, build rush in the round cut mould CAD three-dimensional standard component the example of the library, combine the beam on the car to strengthen board strong cut mould CAD into parts to design example to reached use method to undertake demonstrative to the function of standard component library. The research of system of unifinication of punch mould CAD/CAE/CAM is having crucial effect to the development of manufacturing industry, CAD technology is more and more extensive and thorough ground uses each fields in manufacturing industry. The many repeatability that appears in engineering design at present meanwhile works and the project of heavy and complicated is calculated, had become each projects to design medium common problem gradually. Carry out a proof, three-dimensional design is the inevitable tendency that CAD application develops, to produce the effect of CAD system more effectively, must undertake 2 times developing to the system, undertake to its the spare parts is standardized, component generalization, and typical component parameter is changed, those who implement CAD/CAE/CAM system specialization and the user is changed. One, strong reduce a standard three-dimensional standard component of the library build 1.

2 times development tool is summarized (1)CATIA/Open CAA it is a module in package of software of C A T I A, it is the tool of 2 development software that amounts to what search firm offers to be used at CATIA. Language of use CATIA/Open CAA can establish the program like similar FORTRAN, as compositive as CATIA system. Because CAA and CATIA are close together compositive, use CAA program so, can complete all sorts of alternant operations with CATIA. (2)Visual C it is the process designing environment below the Windows operating system that American Microsoft company rolls out, it is to get broad programmer and user gay result is powerful, the Windows application program that has appeal develops a system. 2.

The library develops three-dimensional standard component methodological comparison and affirmatory (1) program parameter is changed build a model to apply development tool to weave a certain number of having the program module of independent function, the user can have alternant choice, need an input only a few information and parameter, can start corresponding program module, make the system completes the operation such as operation of data visit, data, construction and editor substance automatically, make the standard component figure that needs norms thereby. (2) direct system builds modular standard to use what system of C A D offers to build modular function, classification of standard spare parts, divide norms ground to build a model, use in designing a process for designing staff. This kind of process that build a warehouse is the process that build a model namely. Compare with photograph of the other procedure that build a model, the advantage of this kind of method is apparent. ◎ builds the process of the library to use the tool of the system that build a model to establish modular procedure namely, the method is handy and intuitionistic, can be undertaken by the use personnel of CAD system, the development staff that does not need major will undertake 2 times developing. ◎ is inferior to systematic requirement, the function that the system does not have parameter to change is achievable also. But the defect of this kind of method is workload tremendous, and memory amount is huge. All build the standard component of every norms a model, its workload and storage capacity can be imagined. Direct system builds a model to be able to use the method that software government uses after building a model, make search and be called undertake automatically, such OK collect the difficulty that everybody's force captures parameter changes the place in scale to encounter jointly, for example the standard component with complex structure. (3) parameter changes a system to build modular standard to combine the parameter of the data characteristic of standard spare parts and software to change a function, overcome direct system effectively to build modular standard limitation, because this uses a system to propose relatively feasible measure of the model,be to use parameter to change a technology, this is the parameter that we say changes a system to propose modular standard. This kind of method is applied to quite build three-dimensional standard component library. The basic measure that uses this kind of method to build a warehouse is changed to establish model, parameter and manage. The procedure that 1) establishs a model to build model of standard spare parts uses what the system offers to build modular tool to establish modular procedure namely, most CAD system all provided high-powered 2 dimension, three-dimensional design and tool of general geometry modelling, include diagnostic modelling, body element modelling and parameter to change the technology such as modelling, because this is OK relatively design model of standard component substance conveniently. The key that 2) model parameter changes parameter to change a design is to build a description to design the tie equation form between parameter and dimension parameter, beg new design parameter according to a group of new measure next. The feature that designs with this kind of system already all defined good tie and already parameter is changed, modification model dimension can undertake directly through the system, can use specific parameter drive namely the standard component that this model will come to make different measurement series. The good point that establishs a warehouse with the standard that this kind of system designs is user freedom degree bigger, not only the standard component that can make different measurement series, and the standard component that can achieve different figure series. Software of CAD/CAM of 3) government great majority offerred a perfect memory to manage a mechanism, provided a basis to build standard component warehouse thereby. But of standard component library build provided a room to deposit standard component model merely, and the administrative mechanism that CAD/CAM system provides also offers the way that calls by name of standard component model only commonly, inconvenience of method of this kind of management uses the standard component in standard component library at the user. Accordingly, want to use the standard component model inside standard component library conveniently, with respect to need design development goes a standard component library to run software. The dominant position that parameter changes a system to propose modular standard depends on can making full use of systematic parameter changes a function, and do not need too much additional development work, the user can achieve suitable standard component series by effective demand, it is certain that this method is had representative. The workload that defect depends on building a warehouse is big, and because three-dimensional dimension is tagged,do not have detect automatically function, may have appeared to restrain so or owe the dimension of the tie, make the structure that cannot locate truly definitely or disables appears in standard component library thereby. 3.

Strong cut a mould into parts three-dimensional standard component faces development before the implementation method basis of the library three-dimensional standard component the analysis of library method, combine specific requirement, the tectonic course that the parameter in this system changes standard component library is right different standard component undertakes an analysis, the decision uses which kind of methods that build a model, adopt different implementation measure to different method. Main introduction parameter changes a system to establish modular method here. (1) program parameter changes parameter of the program that build a model to if the graph is shown 1 times,change the working technological process that builds a model. Graph 1 program parameter changes the working technological process that builds a model (2) direct system builds a model if the working flow that direct system builds a model pursues show 2 times. Graph the working flow that 2 direct systems build a model (the tectonic process cent that 3) parameter spends a system to build the parameter in system of calligraphy or painting model to convert standard component warehouse is following a few paces: The function that 1) builds standard component parameter to change hypostatic model to build parameter to change the process of the model to basically use CATIA will come true. In CATIA, hypostatic formative process is shown 3 times like the graph. Graph 3 parameter change a system to build technology of drive of model of model of modular parameter substance is the crucial technology that model parameter changes, produce the change of dimension size only in the around of spare parts drive, develop attacks the relation is changeless. In spare parts model, include variable of spare parts substance and its dimension, drive and referenced variable to wait, respectively corresponding at below 3 kinds of dimension of listed CATIA tag means. ◎ numeric form: Show measure with numeric form; ◎ is variable renown form: Give every dimension a code name, by tag early or late with D0, d1 ~ Dn expresses; ◎ equation form: Be like D3=d1. The develop that model substance decided a part attacks relation, constant dimension is the changeless tie in the model, drive variable is the alterable obligation that takes fair numerical value, referenced variable is the operation combination of drive variable. Model drive changes the extraction of drive variable to be worth directly only, referenced variable is changed automatically according to the change of drive variable. Modelling software takes a cost according to process of model substance molding and new variable recount, get new part thereby. 2) reads in relevant parameter to be worth parameter data to organize namely the characteristic according to standard component parameter, excogitate reasonable data construction to describe the parameter data of standard spare parts, can distribute parameter data into below two kinds big. ◎ advocate parameter kind (odd parameter kind) : Conclusive parameter has only in the parameter data of spare parts of this kind of standard, when its advocate after parameter comes down certainly, other parameter can come down accordingly certainly entirely. ◎ advocate parameter, second advocate parameter kind (double parameter kind) : This kind of spare parts is divided have advocate besides parameter, still exist with advocate parameter series is opposite answer second advocate parameter group, in decided advocate after parameter, second advocate the scope that parameter can define to one takes a cost only, decided only second advocate after the value of parameter, the ability of all composition parameter of the spare parts comes down certainly entirely. 3) transfers into the model makes constructional deposit all models below a method, make file of a library. Right now the program should provide a function, search wants part automatically, transfer into and install it in corresponding position. The expression when because CATIA system has the part that transfer into,4) outputs expression file wants to be added on former expression foundation " ' " with the agreement of serial number of a number with distinction, change expression to want to draw this number serial number automatically so. 5) revises expression to revise a model by new expression by relevant parameter. Parameter changes a system to if the graph is shown 4 times,build working flow of the model. (The phyletic choice of the standard component that the governs an interface function of compositive standard component uses 4) system at realizing an user to be opposite to need. Accordingly, the series that needs to be able to show corresponding standard component according to the choice of the user in the interface, norms, parameter reachs the meaning such as each parameter, affirm in order to offer an user. all function compositive rise such, formed the professional function library with a powerful function. The graph listed in the working flow main program that 4 parameter turn a system to build a model the pushbutton of the name of all standard component, dialog box of below one class is entered after clicking pushbutton, if pursue,5 are shown. At this moment the pertinent information of the pertinent information that the system will show corresponding standard component and each parameter, next again according to particular case, clew user inputs relevant parameter or choose corresponding pushbutton. Graph dialog box of choice of 5 standard component is in CAA language, provided the interactive statement with powerful function, the user can use CAA program to provide the function that speaks with the system, complete alternant operation. So these administrative interfaces can use operation of standard component library, the interface can come true with CAA program. Visual Basic has its original advantage to respect of interface of process of work out application, so the pertinent information of standard component comes true with Visual Basic program can. In the graph program of CAA of respect of editor, hypostatic modelling is shown get ability not equal to one's ambition. Of the organization that can use CAA program to have data in this system accordingly, interface make and the job such as data processing; And to hypostatic modelling, undertake in CATIA system, can produce respective advantage so, 3 systems compositive, form an interface friendly, function rushs formidably dismiss mould CAD system. Construction of system is shown 6 times like the graph. Graph construction of system of 6 moulds CAD pursues 2, strong reduce a standard three-dimensional standard component the applied example of the library 1.

Example key diagram 7 it is car console controls the beam on side to strengthen board product digital-to-analogue, material ply is 1mm. Graph digital-to-analogue of 7 parts product 2.

The mould designs working procedure of requirement a complete set of to be the same as moulding to build for or so, this example is 4/4 punching working procedure. As a result of aperture the precision requirement that reachs bore diameter, have punch way adjustment, make 5 installing hole are rushing outside, two installing hole on oblique plane need condole to develop implementation. Accordingly, the structure of the mould divides composition for 4 greater part: (1) condole as string of 1 to device strong unit chooses Japan 3 assist the standard component UCSMC50-30 of the company. (Lower mould of component of 2) lower mould use casting shaping formula, direct on its casting gives fixed position side. In punching position installation sunken model is set set, waste case, guide pillar of oriented position installation and guide slide (offer by standard component library) . (3) presses makings board component to press makings board component to use matrix to cast, press makings face to set a form. Press makings board and upper mould between by guide slide guides slippery, sell connection with side, stretch discharge component uses bedspring to press package beforehand (offer) by standard component library. (4) upper mould package upper mould use casting shaping formula, guide oriented device guide-post bushing and guide plate are installed on slippery leg in its, on protruding stage mix of installation bolster plate, punch, model reachs bolt, pin (offer by standard component library) etc. 3.

Design a process (the design that the design of component of 1) lower mould is fixed position face and position put oneself in another's position above all. Keep product digital-to-analogue additionally the Part file that designs for lower mould spare parts, the free curved surface that uses CATIA builds modular function, need product digital-to-analogue range to undertake postpone is mixed by fixed position cut, undertake oversewing next. In need with hypostatic modelling function the position gives out the honest system that locates body needs measure, the curved surface after using suture cuts honest system upside, substance of needs position put oneself in another's position was finished with respect to the design. The hypostatic function building a model that uses CATIA next and feature build modular function to design the basic form of model of lower mould substance. (Of 2) standard component choosing lower mould component is by lower mould body is comprised with a few standard component. We can use the standard component library in system of the strong CAD that reduce a standard to build hypostatic model directly, undertake constructional. If want to be in,direct install locally guide slide, should alternate current job coordinate above all installation locally, can call the standard component that requires installation in standard component library next. Open " F I L E " → " E X E C U T E CATIA/Open " → " CAA " the phyletic systematic interface that chooses standard component, if pursue,8 are shown. Click guide after slide icon, the parameter that enters standard component chooses systematic interface, if pursue,9 are shown. Graph the systematic interface of sort of 8 choices standard component pursues the systematic interface of parameter of 9 choices standard component is clicked after deciding, the inputs parameter dialog box that if the graph is shown 10 times,appears, the input is long for 150, wide for 100, click again after deciding, the standard component that finish guides the installation of slide. Graph the systematic interface of 10 inputs parameter is other the installation process of standard component and guide slippery installation process agrees. The model of substance of lower mould component after loading standard component is shown 11 times like the graph. Graph model of substance of component of 11 lower mould 3, the last word defines applied digitlization to assemble a technology from product digitlization, mould products plan the digitlization times that by 2D subdesign moves toward 3D mainstream to design stage by stage. The 3D design software that all sorts of now specializationing is more and more mature with diversification. Regretful is, all professional software all cannot provide relatively complete standard component library to the user. And use extensively of general component and standard component, make the development of standard component library becomes our institute to achieve the key goal that digitlizes design and production technology application. After this library upgrades will more intelligence is changed, can wait for full text database with military standard of national level, country and occupation standard compositive, make 2 dimension information and three-dimensional information each other are connected, the nonparametric that can inquire standard component changes attribute to wait. What article place develops is strong reduce a standard three-dimensional standard component a the library is mould CAD only main component. CNC Milling CNC Machining