What is grease filler?

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What grease joins filler basically is the lubricity that improves grease, the sealing sex that enhances grease and defend quality, increase the strength of fat, decrease to throw the fat amount that give from inside attrition component, the invariability that raises grease and reduce coefficient of friction. Before use grease filler, should undertake dispersing to its normally, classification, purify and activation processing. Use as of grease filler have molybdenum of black lead, 2 vulcanization, now and then also change content, nitrogen to change boracic, iodine to turn lead and laurel aluminous land with metallic sulfide and Selenium (wait for) like French chalk, micaceous, vermiculite, still have the soft metal of loud dispersive voice and metallic oxide. Filler can be divided to be mixed naturally complex 2 kinds, can divide those who be laziness to mix by action active; Can divide what grind to fight by main function, of heat conduction, electric, sealed, those who fill up and appropriative (for example, dispersive medium assures lubricant action) after volatilizing in vacuum; Can divide crystal of the shape that it is a layer, drill rod to taste shape of body, mist to N sex by the structure cease, amorphous organization and polymer. The efficiency of filler depends on greatly adsorption is in grain apparently or the property of the impurity that is added in filler as constituent. CNC Milling CNC Machining