New-style blame contact is three-dimensional measuring instrument

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Tokyo commerce TECHNO-SYSTEM (TTS) the company is in exhibition of processing technique of mould of the 15th international (INTERMOLD 2004) on exhibited but switch measures contact of limits and the COMET IV that measure precision blame three-dimensional measuring instrument. This measuring instrument was used but will measure time to decrease so far before the high speed of 1/3 measures mode. The instrument appears on the market formally time and price have not decide. Before this, this company ever had rolled out 3 breed or the measuring instrument that first consideration measures precision or first consideration measures range. This company appeared on the market to measure limits to be 295 × of 390 × by March 2004 250 (Mm) , measurement point group in measure average distance is between the dot 0.

240mm (high resolution mode) COMET VarioZoom 2M 400 measuring instrument and measure limits to be 150 × of 200 × 150 (Mm) , measure average distance is between the dot 0.

125mm (high resolution mode) COMET VarioZoom 2M 200 measuring instrument. Appeared on the market to measure limits to be 60 × of 80 × again in April 2004 60 (Mm) , measure average distance is between the dot 0.

The COMET VarioZoom 100 of 050mm measuring instrument. With parts of an apparatus of coupling of charge of 1.3 million CCD(resembling element is used before this) photograph the VarioZoom series photograph that resembles a head to compare, varioZoom 2M series used the 2 million CCD that resembles element to photograph like the head, measure precision to rise further. Previously, measure limits and measure precision often cannot give attention to two or morethings, need to buy ability of much platform measuring instrument to satisfy sometimes measure need. COMET IV measuring instrument is used adjust CCD photographs the method that is apart from like head and illuminant, the COMET VarioZoom 100 before this coming true in the meantime and 200 (or 400) the function of two kinds of type. Additional, use at adjusting stripe through improving (to measure an object umbriferous with) the device of angle, the angle change frequency of the half before coming true to need this only can finish measured high speed to measure mode. The measurement before this time is every photograph 30 seconds left and right sides, shortened this about 10 seconds. CNC Milling CNC Machining