WIDIA rolls out WIDIA Victory™ platform formally

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WIDIA Victory platform includes milling cutter of high grade end panel of WIDIA M1200 series and razor blade, the material of TN series new turning that optimizes technically for steel and cast-iron treatment application is qualitative, and TOP DRILL M1 is modular drilling system. Ink Media=screen Href="http://e-cuttech.


The new product new platform with outstanding performance of Css" Type=text/css Rel=stylesheet> means taller productivity, with lower milling, turning and Kong Jia are versed in cost is producing high-powered accurate milling, turning and respect of aperture treatment cutting tool already had the WIDIA of 80 old experience, rolled out a new platform that has outstanding property formally: WIDIA Victory, applied newest product innovation among them, metallic cutting machines manufacturer people can obtain taller productivity, cost lower cost. WIDIA Victory platform includes milling cutter of high grade end panel of WIDIA M1200 series and razor blade, the material of TN series new turning that optimizes technically for steel and cast-iron treatment application is qualitative, and TOP DRILL M1 is modular drilling system. The whole world markets department vice president, bernie McConnell, say: "WIDIA Victory product established the level that product productivity raises, the performance with outstanding product is we help WIDIA client cut cost, raise the key of profit. " new M1200 milling cutting tool serves as optimize milling, turning and the Victory platform that Kong Jia is versed in among them one of, WIDIA is phyletic to milling cutter of M1200 series end panel and razor blade patulous, brought outstanding result to produce business; These manufacturing business basically are to undertake steel, stainless steel, high strenth steel, cast-iron, it is treatment of nonferrous metal material even. After the great success that gains in above domain in M1200 milling series, the capable person that WIDIA still added to be aimed at aluminium and treatment of nonferrous metal material pledges and groove. And be this series increased fresh blood: System of milling of M1200HF end panel. WIDIA but Josef Fellner of manager of product of whole world of dislocation milling group says: "The razor blade of M1200 series product has 12 cutting blade, this and the phase of razor blade of double-faced and usable mill that at present other designs are morer than offerring cutting blade, the design is idealer, these cutting blade can work with higher cutting rate and feed, consume power at the same time lower. This is the outstanding system that has gotten test and verify in be used actually, these new options make this series product more perfect. " mix with Yu Gang cast-iron brand-new series of turning material qualitative TN7100 is brand-new with Yu Gang the razor blade of WIDIA coating hard alloy of turning. This series is the finish machining that is all sorts of alloy steel and blame alloy steel only, semifinishing machining, design with rough machining. This a series of products show extraordinary value in productivity evaluation, if the surface of these products is bright and clean it is better to spend, service life is longer, performance is steadier, manufacturing cost is lower. WIDIA TN7105 is the new coat of special development, basically apply Yu Gang light-duty to medium-sized turning, the performance with more quality than past WIDIA material performance rises 30% . The addition of edge hardness makes outside surface slicker, decreased to prolong service life with the attrition of workpiece and adhesion. New Alpha alumina coat improved the coating below circumstance of high speed cutting adherent force, make taller productivity can come true below tall cutting temperature. The name of WIDIA TN5105 new hard alloy that is used at turning is for secondary treatment and finish machining casting pig and nodular cast iron design. TN5105 is in successive finish machining (performance of Continuous-finishing) application respect is superior, in each function index expression is exceeded anticipate, for example the surface is bright and clean degree rise, cutting tool life is lengthened and cutting behaves stability, reduced whole to make cost thereby. TN5120 new name has likewise as outstanding as TN5105 wearability and edge tenacity, it is special treatment is spent to arrive in be rough machining is all and cast-iron process data and design, include wet treatment and dry treatment and interrupted cutting and successive cutting. Although use tall hardness base material to obtain capability of exceedingly good high speed cutting, the nodular cast iron that TN5120 also applies to turning austenite temper (ADI) material; The nodular cast iron of austenite temper and traditional nodular cast iron and forged steel photograph are compared, former have higher intensity and tenacity feature. Material of ADI ball iron is used generally at heavy-duty lorry, passenger car, car, railroad, agriculture and other and heavy-duty spare parts. The new TOP DRILL M1 that uses TOP DRILL M1 to undertake accurate aperture machines Widia is modular the benefit that broach provides make the best of both worlds for the user, on one hand modular drilling system can raise economic benefits, can acquire the treatment performance that rivals with photograph of cutting tool of integral hard alloy and aperture quality again on the other hand. These are modular cutting tool offers the feed that normally place of broach of use whole hard alloy achieves / speed and performance level. Rate of its metal purify is compared (other) emulative modular broach tower above 50% , and cutting tool life is longer, aperture surface quality is higher. Use do not worry bit again, can eliminate with use the thing that can wear bit to concern again to sort the difficult problem with respect of cutting tool life. The high-speed steel that the new TOP DRILL M1 of Widia can replace competitor in all sorts of slashing application even, shovel is gotten and solder broach, its cutting speed and feed can increase 40% to 50% , cutting tool life is longer, and the exterior quality of aperture is higher. Perfect client support speed, ability and accurate the core that is WIDIA Victory; All-around enclothe a face to ensure the client's success. The client of WIDIA can come according to all sorts of his special application demand the solution of custom-built individuation. The supply of WIDIA catenary service offers cutting tool cost to optimize, reduce preparative time (Setup Time) and product dog, devise technological process and managing cost plan, can help a client rise further productivity and reduce cost; Still offer proprietary additionally online groom project. CNC Milling CNC Machining