The application that Duratomic is in Hyco Pacoma company

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The firm of Hyco Pacoma of manufacturer of hydraulic pressure crock that German dust uses dimension case town and hill tall cutting tool are undertaking close cooperation, use what material of turning of new-style Duratomic TP2500 pledges grade realized the improvement of rationalize and cost to reduce through introducing. Llmer of Matthias K ü is in charge of the working plan of turning finish machining technically in Hyco Pacoma company. And apply engineer Markus Woell with what come from hill tall cutting tool cooperate closely to have the job. Be in early 2007, woell recommends razor blade of use Duratomic TP2500 in the company. "Such we are OK saying: This is a kind of product that fits a client most! " the Woell Ralf Erben of the member that machine a plan as turning says. He complements: "We will continue to develop new technology, we prepare the cutting tool with new try out or new method at any time " two treatment task, a kind of razor blade: Qualitative grade of new-style material of TP2500 razor blade completes thick, precision work on the Mazak machine tool in Hyco Pacoma. The complement of Karl-WilhelmFörster of district selling manager of hill tall cutting tool says: "When we use TP2500: We must change our thinking way above all. After this razor blade and new-style MF5 break bits chamfer to be united in wedlock, can run at very tall feed, assume cutting deepness does not exceed 2.

7mm. Accordingly this razor blade can be used in domain of a lot of production " . The component of hydraulic pressure crock can divide the manufacturing foundation of Hyco Pacoma to wait for a domain for lever of spare parts, piston and the production that receive a power. The 5 unit lathe of Mazak produce series part in piston processing sector. Here, of piston of steel of C45 of treatment of Ralf Erben use TP2500 outside round. "We had shortened the handling time of turning guide-post bushing improved cutting tool life, " Mr Erben says. "We can produce 48 work reliably previously, and can make 81 now! " cost is reduced 22% final, cost was reduced 22% , this is attributed to handling time to shorten a lot of. The experience that we gain is getting applied in the production of other part now. Harald Kowaleski of the member that the machine tool adjusts emphasized a significant aspect, consistent razor blade wears away and can predict a gender: "Holding clip and machine down time is very important, because an employee is in our workshop,want to operate 3 machine tools. Accordingly, when changing bit, he must know before the first machine tool other cuts position twice really clearly. " agile application " TP2500 brings to the user most golden eggs is the metal inside unit time excision rate is very high, " Mr Förster says. "It can adjust different cutting rate inside very big range, this razor blade can be used in dry, wet treatment. " arrive from C45 steel stainless steel, TP2500 is OK the material of cutting wide range, service life is long, can realize much chance treatment and unmanned treatment. Very tall workpiece precision and wearability provided a basis for high reliability, even if in mixing production. Mr Förster continues say: "TP2500 has a kind of banner matrix, and still complementary with Duratomic film and new-style MF5 chamfer model. " MF5 has a kind of open geometry point of view, have stability and cutting blade of horn, and the structure that the characteristic of Duratomic film is fine grain. Use new 3 oxidation 2 aluminous film, this product is in high temperature resistant there also is very big improvement on He Ren sex, decreased to accumulate bits tumour generate. "This film is in special deposit has below improvement CVD technology, ply is only 10 micron, far thin at other and congener product, " Mr Wöll emphasizes. "Cutting blade is then sharper also, and wearability is admirable. " EPB boring head is machined besides the piston, pacoma also will use TP2500 to produce piston rod on machine tool of a Matec BAZ. Here, we use opening of treatment eye shape. "Above all, the cutting parameter that we take a competitor is made consult, but we catch a feed by 0.

15 rise to 0.

18. " K ü Mr Llmer explains. Through improving cutting tool life 85% , the cost that fine vehicle machines can be reduced 19% . However, the fine vehicle of aperture of shape of piston lever eye is earlier merely before the one part that initial craft optimizes. "Here, we also study different workpiece set, the experience us from transfer next set to a series, " ü of K of working plan group leader Mr LlmerRainer Strutzberg is aimed at a production of distinctive piston connecting rod to say: "The distinction of our cylinder design and other production business depends on a crucial detail. That is them machine eye shape aperture before solder receives connecting rod, we are later ability treatment. " the analysis of Pacoma shows, finally, the treatment after soldering is a more effective working procedure and can produce a higher quality. Mr Strutzberg complement says: "The reaction time with fast supplier is crucial. Because handling time has competition, and very close. Have the help with tall hill, this got assuring. " Mr Förster summary says: "We must offer the product of contented client demand. We use TP2500 accordingly, in the chamfer that break bits requirement that satisfies a client with film respect " . Hyco Pacoma is the one part of Hyco international, the world that Hyco international is market of equipment of shift of hydraulic pressure crock produces business bannerly. This company has 6 production factories in 3 continent, produce the cost with the wholest range inside this industry to provide the hydraulic pressure crock of competition ability most. CNC Milling CNC Machining