Sensor of Nai rice trend promotes a machine tool precision

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The circumstance of treatment is cut closely in essence of life, if why measure the stretchy volume of main shaft in movement, compensate the place that reachs control main shaft then, make be machined of substance appearance machine the position for long to have consistency, it is the main task of prospective machine tools and main shaft. When CNC machine tools uses main shaft to make cutting motion, when main shaft runs expand stretchy meeting causes change of exterior cutting precision, main reason has 2: The centrifugal strength that lift as RPM when movement and causes is affected, can make hilt is down stretchy, the temperature when another reason is movement rises the heat that cause expands. Omnibus and character, the time that increases temperature by the influence of centrifugal force needs place to cause the stretchy capacity that main shaft runs. In the spot actual cutting adds man-hour, different hilt and the centrifugal strength that different RPM causes are different, main shaft is stretchy the quantity also differs because of this; In the meantime, when workpiece of cutting tool bring into contact with, different cutting force can offset centrifugal force is affected relatively, because the stretchy quantity of this main shaft is not a constant, contain " opposite " element inside. Past somebody tries to use temperature sensor to do main shaft stretchy quantity compensation, but the effect all the time not clear, cannot cogent control reach convergent issue, the reason is in namely this. Company of Nai rice trend shows, displacement of German Micro-Epsilon main shaft expands sensor, it is special in the light of this problem design, minor volume (12 × of 10 × 4.

5mm) but buy is put within main shaft, built-in displacement is apart from sensor and temperature sensor, can measure at trends is being made in main shaft movement, the data of earning offers controller to make compensation treatment, achieve the control precision of μ M then. Be in abroad, the main shaft of this one sensor has unit of SmartSpindle say. In the high rate main shaft that Taiwan imports, main shaft of Swiss IBAG high speed is popularizing the main shaft that has this function with all one's strength, and in factory of Taiwan machine tool and main shaft manufacturer, also a lot of manufacturers comparative value reach take sex of this one function seriously; As we have learned, artisan lustre machinery and new tiger already included this one function machinery anthology match. German Micro-Epsilon also has thunder to shoot sensor and software program package at the same time, lower part can be carried to make blame contact trends measure in main shaft bazoo, by exterior the displacement question mark of gotten stretchy amount and in-house displacement sensor is made than be opposite, the advantage of the person that can help machine tool industry when guiding displacement feeling is measured quality, promote a machine tool precision then. CNC Milling CNC Machining