The stage amounts to ASD servo electric machinery to enter military plan to fetters through the test

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The stage amounted to not long ago of ASD servo electric machinery to pass Changchun the function of manufactory of machine of the 2nd experiment checks, march smoothly experiment machine manufacturing industry, open up in the another industry machinery outside amounting to report to connect Electromechanical business afterwards to spin machine, metal to machine opportunity of treatment of machine, packer, PCB creates a field. As the flying development of car line of business, the concussion with rapid also industry of its form a complete set is worn relevant market. The rise of one steam advanced Changchun greatly the development pace of Changchun industry environment. At present Changchun has a replacement of of all kinds car to monitor, manufacturer of aircraft of produce the expected result of material check test many 30, of all kinds product is complex and diversiform, the market also no longer Changchun of bureau be confined to the demand of one steam, had faced the whole nation, have a large number of export. Make in experiment machine in, demand of servo electric machinery is huge, but because be opposite product function and character demand are higher, long-term since all the time by forestall of place of brand of a few abroad, make its make cost be resided all the time do not fall high. Since the stage amounts to ASD servo electric machinery to appear on the market oneself, answer with high speed, low speed is stable, high brake of power comparing, second birth, be able to bear or endure environmental beautiful and the characteristic that do not need to safeguard make industry managing cost, replace the first selection of foreign brand. In Changchun mechanism of the 2nd experiment builds a plant, the stage amounts to servo electric machinery to use a times feeling to be at ease with stability of perfect low speed drive and fixed position accuracy, the conformity application open up that report amounts to to connect Electromechanical unifinication solution to make a trade in experiment machine in be road. CNC Milling CNC Machining