The robot of makings of fluctuation of dragon door type on modern product line

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Modern product line is denotive it is flexible manufacturing machining center. Onefold with common special treatment the machine tool is when big batch treatment more and more by all-purpose, place of standardization machine tool is replaced. The Fibro limited company in automation and domain of robot industry production basically assumes workpiece to carry the manufacturing mission with process catenary. What the robot of dragon door type that they produce applies to the fluctuation makings of machine tool, product line, workpiece is deferent what reach system of treatment cutting tool with clamping apparatus, mould is deferent. This kind modular robot and to it the manufacturing workshop that the robot of form a complete set blocks ungual system to be in the BMW company of Munich received wide application. In the product line of BMW company, the machining that it can finish engine crock to build, assemble, clean and quality detects. Each treatment working procedure is finished commonly by machining center, each machining center comprise a production to machine a line. The fluctuation material process that completes crock of lid between each machining center through the robot of dragon door type of Fibro. The robot that shares production of 14 Fibro company is in 4 2 41 machining center, conveyer, ship-fitter and cleaning machine bed, detect the job that fluctuation makings finishs in the machine tool. Robots of these dragon door type are to use modular structural design, and can have complement according to the addition of productivity. Among them odd coordinate, two coordinate and 3 coordinate robot, contain quench, of grinding oriented piece, agree with carry heavy work (50 ~ 4000kg) . The coordinate type on crock lid product line assembles and unassemble the structure of dragon door type that ask and uses the robot is the size according to carrying load and the dynamic function when carrying. The robot can carry the work of 200 ~ 350kg by the speed of 3m/s; Permission acceleration amounts to 4 ~ 6m/s2. Robot of NC numerical control has very big card claw to leave degree, card claw blocks claw and orthogonal card claw to be with standard parallel basic model, the structure is compact. The fixed position holding clip that assures crock of lid is in the carriage process of workpiece, robot of dragon door type used center base to carry crock of lid, the fixed position with the reliable surface after the crock covers treatment, outfit is placed, in order to make sure crock lid carries the safety in the process and dependability. These center base are the component of clamping apparatus of the machine tool in each machining center, accordingly, can assure crock of lid to there is identical setup in each machining center fixed position is standard. In the meantime, also can reduce a robot to block ungual change, reduce the variation of clamping apparatus. Additional, because workpiece is having identical clamping force and setup in each machining center,locate fiducial, also rose to machine precision and product quality. Center base by capture of place of orgnaization of robot appropriative clamp, had secured, facilitate carry. Whole center base blocks claw by special locking the card that what the fixed, robot that prevents a pine to be used at the crock to build the material on semifinished product uses is pneumatic long distance is ungual, the manipulator of the robot contains circumgyrate electromotor, synchronism of the arbor in can be being circled rotates. This kind " rough machining " the fixed position that the robot can assure crock of lid is correct holds clip, can discharge the cooling fluid that remains in empty crock lid in circumgyrate process. Drive of manipulator motion dynamic is by sealed the high strenth leather belt inside housing delivers. Of crock lid semifinished product casting tolerancepublic errand is by vertical axis and the double coordinate that block claw the balance compensates an orgnaization to undertake compensatory. In the extreme of product line, the crock lid that machine and has held beforehand gets off from center base, the crock that remain is built, cleaning namely, assemble, inspection man the crock lid between blocks ungual robot to finish by long distance carry. This kind of long distance blocks the exterior of ungual robot. The crock builds retroflexion or answer have a change of luck to move, also control manipulator to finish by servo synchronism electric machinery likewise. Build in whole crock in shipping a system, fibro company still used attrition type to carry raceway, circumgyrate was used to be versed in in office of 90 ° corner. In deferent raceway but open raceway went to the lavatory operation and maintenance technician can be in the job between each treatment facilities. CNC Milling CNC Machining