The correlation of hardware products and steel is spent very big

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Industry of Chinese hardware products has long manufacturing history and more abundant actual strength, include daily expense hardware, tool hardware, building hardware 3 parts, have 1600 a variety of products, it is the component with Chinese main light industry. Production value of hardware products industry broke through 220 billion yuan 2003, exit is achieved collect 22 billion dollar, formed production, scientific research, manage, the wholer industrial system such as form a complete set and exit system. The steely product that in us the place in daily life comes up against, return to make category in hardware in our country most, to dismiss the development case of products of our country hardware, especially the trade situation of products of daily expense hardware, we interviewed vice-president of association of Chinese hardware products to hold secretary-general stone Seng Lan concurrently. The Seng Lan that occupy stone introduces, association of Chinese hardware products held water 1988, own unit of nearly 3000 members at present. It is comprised by the key enterprise of respect of daily expense hardware, tool hardware, building hardware. Set 9 branch: Branch of hardware branch, building hardware branch, daily expense hardware, light gas to have branch of machine of branch of branch, stainless steel goods, lock branch, aluminous goods branch, lampblack suction a platoon and slide fastener branch. Press its classification of occupation, the main product of daily expense hardware has: Bowl of implemental, iron, knife cuts all sorts of machine of goods of refined aluminium goods, lock, appliance burning gas, stainless steel, galley equipment, lampblack suction a platoon, mincing machine, dishwasher, tonsorial hairdressing, ark of safe, file, slide fastener, flashlight, lighter. The main product of tool hardware has: All sorts of spanner, clamp kind, come back, file, curium kind, small-sized and the hammer, ax, horticultural tool, tool that follow a car, building tool, dynamoelectric tool. The main product that builds hardware has: Fittings of window of door of mouth of all sorts of toilet hardware fittings, hammers, silk, net, valve, water, metal and its hardware. Posture of hardware products line of business to steely industry, with the life more press close to, be steely product is outspread, hardware products and iron and steel are two industries on catenary of a production, spend with the correlation of rolled steel very big, hardware products line of business the raw material of 90% is steely product. The product with the oldest dosage of hardware products line of business is mild steel and tool steel, annual dosage is in 3 million - 4 million tons, these products are relatively general, homebred rolled steel can satisfy the requirement of hardware products user basically. Stone Seng Lanjiang is moved, stainless steel is in 3 million tons or so every year about in the consumption of our country, hardware products dosage should occupy 1/3, but 90% above rely on an entrance. The dosage of galley equipment is 160 thousand tons about, it is import stainless steel entirely. The main problem of homebred stainless steel is drawing sex cannot accord with a requirement, for instance, basin of stainless steel face should have certain depth when punch, if material closes nevertheless character, appear very easily crackle. This problem from 20 centuries 80 time begin to existing all the time, make her 100 thinking of what do not get its to solve is, why 20 will did not get settlement for years. Hardware products line of business imports stainless steel in great quantities from and other places of Japan, Korea, Germany all the time. And mirror according to the personage inside hardware products line of business, good from the stainless steel quality that Japan imports, price reasonable, service is good, rise in price on average in domestic steel products below the circumstance of 20% above, imported stainless steel material to rise 10%-15% . CNC Milling CNC Machining