Collect gear hobbing, arris, go burr the new-style machine tool at a suit

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Have the whole world to precede gear cutting machine tool of the level reachs tool manufacturer Sangputansili (Samputensili) the company is newest rolled out gear hobbing, pour arris to reach go burr technology is integrated the machine tool of series of S 150-400 CDM in same machine tool, this machine tool was used modular design, can save a space, finish the rough machining of gear and runner shaft OK and quickly, efficiently at the same time. Machine tool of series of S 150-400 CDM is doing treatment or gear hobbing is finished below wet treatment condition, pour arris to reach go burr working procedure, collateral treatment means can shorten treatment is periodic, improve manufacturing efficiency. Samputensili company shows, the machine tool that still designs production without other manufacturer at present is OK collect gear hobbing, pour arris to reach go burr function at a suit. In addition, this machine tool used the software of new development, can run every program alone on one hand, can make every program independent run when having need on the other hand, what raised a machine tool thereby is flexible, in order to get used to diverse treatment demand. Machine tool of series of S 150-400 CDM is mixed in Germany by Samputensili technical group of Italy is developed jointly, share 4 model, but to diametical φ the workpiece of 150 ~ 400mm undertakes gear hobbing is machined, and undertake to the workpiece of 250mm of diametical ≤ φ arris is reached go burr treatment. CNC Milling CNC Machining