Cutting tool coating improves treatment efficiency

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Bore hole the experiment uses hard metal to get a knife to be on material of alloy of AlSi alloy cast iron because place of difficult cutting stuff holds proportion,undertake taller and taller, because this cutting tool wears away degree is increasingly serious also, its service life also shortens stage by stage. This kind of problem can be passed those who improve cutting material, coating and where a thing can be put to best use is macroscopical try to overcome with the measure such as microcosmic geometry appearance. The new-style stuff that the many technology innovation in domain of material science and technology can bring contented component application and characteristic demand ceaselessly and composite material; To machine treatment, alloy of such as titanium, nickel and grain shape aluminium pledge the scale of the difficult cutting material such as composite material is being increased ceaselessly. On the treatment of this kind of material, the treatment craft of razor blade of specific geometry appearance still holds main position. Its reason is, use this kind of craft to be able to achieve good manufacturing efficiency (cutting amount is large) with very high workpiece quality (exterior quality stability, form common difference is little) and benefit of very good the sources of energy (cutting ply is mixed greatly unit cutting efficiency is tall) . Graph 1 after processing AlSi12(Cu) data, in the knife tumour that dislocation razor blade forms on free face cutting tool of aggravate of difficult cutting material wears away degree is efficient the treatment operation that stabilizes with craft also can exist many problems, for example cutting tool wears away more serious, cutting tool service life is briefer with cutting tool cost advanced. The graph shows the knife tumour that forms on turning cutting tool 1 times. Cutting tool wears away to be able to affect the precision that processes work not only, also can affect the exterior quality of workpiece. The dimension deviation that the graph shows HSS getting 2 times to the knife wears away and be brought about and form precision. Graph 2 HSS plunges a knife the knife tumour that in bore the place after 20 take second place appears and the axis after processing AlSi12(Cu) data string together become enamoured condition to be below this kind of state, have new research and development to craft of cutting tool technology with respect to need. Union considers requires cutting data, current technical solution basically is centered in bit place. To reduce the contrary sex of the cutting tool material of horniness wear-resisting caustic or caustic of wear-resisting of soft qualitative blame, undertook developing to alloy of new-style cutting material. Horniness metal stuff is great to cutting treatment meaning. The scale of composition of the grain size that passes fluctuant data, alloy and adhesive and means, can specific aim ground acquires the specific character of the respect such as modulus of such as hardness, compressive strength, E. Nextpage pursues the tungsten of carbonization of key of research and development of part of 3 razor blade (WC) the greatest value depends on it is carrier of a kind of horniness, through cobaltic adhesive is being joined in hard metal cutting tool, can raise its to combat flexural strength, but the hardness that also can reduce a metal at the same time. To prevent this kind of phenomenon, used a kind finer (Hall-Petch scale is) 0.

Diameter of 7 μ M content of carbonization tungsten grain. Through fine grained of research and development (grain diameter is in 0.

7 μ M is the following) , small grain (grain diameter is in 0.

5 μ M is the following) with accept rice grain (grain diameter is in 0.

1 μ M is the following) technology, can raise the hardness of material. When union uses distinct grain size and different adhesive, can acquire the material character with harder than the standard much better metal. Hard metal of WC-10Co fine grained is used to establish milling cutter below same condition to stainless steel (X10CrNiMoTi 18 10) when material undertakes milling, can achieve pair of times 39m distance at hard metal of K10 common grain. Coating technology can prolong cutting tool service life since CVD and technology of coating of PVD cutting tool since coming out, the dislocation cutting tool that has 90% above uses coating. The purpose of coating is the effect that suffers high temperature through reducing attrition to improve cutting tool and service life and protect cutting tool to avoid on one hand, it is better to come through optical contrast on the other hand judge cutting tool wear away state. Have coat to CBN dislocation razor blade through using such as TiAlN, the service life of CBN dislocation razor blade can be compared not the dislocation razor blade of coating raises 30%~40% . The situation that capable person grows in treatment and encounters cutting tool ruptures is a kind of challenge that CBN and place of PKD cutting tool face. Through using laser ablation and electric spark technology, on CBN and PKD dislocation razor blade cut bits to discharge grade and appearance of the geometry that break bits to all can be shown, can improve craft security and manufacturing efficiency from this. Besides macroscopical geometry appearance, microcosmic geometry appearance also has improvement latent capacity. Grind round measure through taking edge of specific razor blade of hard metal drilling tool for example, although cutting power is greater, also can realize inferior wear extent. Graph 4 after passing bore 200 times, not the knife tumour that the K10 VHM of coating appears on dislocation getting knife is faced in front all sorts of narrates challenges, the group of scientific research of Mittweida university youth that by Europe foundation of a society and Sa Ke Sen build a bank to aid financially also is exploring all sorts of settlement actively way. Make in maths, science, informatics and machine wait for course and the joint efforts that learn a department to fall, this college has 6 graduate undertaking study to all sorts of different tasks. The machine makes a department be in charge of considering " via the tetrahedral carbon that be not brilliant (Ta-C) , diamond of Na Mijing body (N-D) change boron with cubic nitrogen (CBN) the application of the cutting tool that appearance of coating, treatment is optimized and can choose small structuralization " task. Scientific research group is right use at turning, auger cut and the character of the small structuralization surface of the coating of cutting cutting tool of milling craft and this kind of cutting tool undertook study. This kind of cutting tool should the efficiency that can improve cutting to machine. Of course, the security that the main goal of this job is the service life that should improve cutting tool, technological process and the sources of energy use efficiency. Graph the 5 K10 VHM dislocation that accept Ta-C coating plunge a knife after passing bore 200 times wear away the feed power that state Ta-C coating gets a knife is abate first bore experiment is in Si content undertakes on the material of AlSi casting ferroalloy of 12% . Uses cutting tool is a diameter for the K10 of 8mm hard metal plunges a knife. It is for 126m/min, feed in cutting speed 0.

Below 25mm and the requirement that adopt KSS emulsion, make 200 many drill. When the cutting tool of use Ta-C coating, feed force is abate about 20% , the dynamic scale of feed force also is reduced subsequently. Among them a main reason is attrition state got ameliorative. The graph is shown 4 times not the knife lump that coating K10 gets a knife to go up creates a situation. From the graph 5 in can see namely, the K10 that there is coat of thick Ta-C of 2 μ M in besmear plunges a knife, knife tumour generates a state to appear notted matter. CNC Milling CNC Machining