Electric control analyses tower of knife of numerical control lathe

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Summary: The article passes pilot of pair of tower of knife of lathe of Fanuc system numerical control to consider, PLC of tower of thorough analysis knife controls program, electric principle, for automation major education and equipment maintenance provide reference. Keyword: PLC program; Electric design; Tower of numerical control knife; System of FANUC numerical control; Control one, foreword Shanxi always high vestibule school has aid electric machinery lathe of much stage numerical control, it is student exercitation, employee grooms the device that often uses. Numerical control lathe is production of factory of Shenyang machine tool, equipment model is CK6112, deploy system of FANUC0 numerical control, change a knife to use tower of PLC pilot knife. Knife tower is numerical control lathe main component, tower of this lathe knife uses control of electric union hydraulic pressure to change a knife, through PLC all I/O signal to controlling tool carrier has logistic processing and consideration, realize the control changing a knife of knife tower. To assure to change additionally the knife can undertake correctly, the system installs a few corresponding system parameter to come trade knife process undertakes adjustment. 2, PLC and PLC of echelon plan concept are the control center that the machine tool changes knife course, it is the crucial parts of an apparatus that comes true to change a knife smoothly. But program controller namely PLC is 20 centuries control equipment of a kind of when development of 60 time end rises new-style automation. The relay that is used the earliest at replacing a tradition control equipment, there are logistic operation, time, computation and sequence control to wait only on the function, and can undertake switch measures control only. In recent years, PLC is computer technology, automation technology and communication technology be in harmony an organic whole, development becomes new-style industrial controller, its control a function to already exceeded logistic pilot function far. International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC) to PLC the definition is: But program controller is one kind is the digital operation that apply below industrial environment and designs only the electronic system of the operation. It is used but the memory of program, use in-house memory to implement the directive of the operation such as logistic operation, sequence control, time, computation and arithmetic manipulation, pass the input of digital type, imitate type and output, control the mechanical equipment of all sorts of types and manufacturing process. But program controller reachs his to concern equipment, should press become a whole repeatedly with industrial control system easily, easily the principle of its function devises extension. LAD of echelon graph abbreviation, it is PLC uses more graphical programming language, echelon graph follow the form that relay dominates circuit, the symbol simplified to evolve on control base and come in commonly used relay and contactor logic, have figure, intuitionistic, practical wait for a characteristic, technical personnel is recipient, apply at present more. Pursue medium in PLC echelon, or so generatrix is similar to relay the power supply cord of circuit, output coil is similar to load, input dot is similar to pushbutton, echelon graph is formed by a certain number of logistic travel, from above to below is arranged, generatrix of left of result of every logistic travel, through contact and coil, stop at right generatrix. 3, knife tower is electric electric control is like control knife tower partly the graph is shown. The A in the graph is knife tower pilot advocate return share, basically be electric machinery of control knife tower turning and invert, knife tower electric machinery takes couplet fetch to control knife tower through synchronism turning and invert; Graph B is loop of control of communication of knife tower pilot, basically be control of coil of two communication contactor report and in breaking report to realize A advocate loop control; Graph C part is the input that relay of knife tower pilot controls loop and PLC and output loop, the control of whole process is ultimate will finish by this 3 parts. Graph one in the action of each parts of an apparatus is as follows: Y0.

5: Knife tower inverts relay controls output. 4, the working course that changes a knife pursues according to circuit loop brief analyse: Hypothesis PLC is inputted / a knife is inputted to choose a hand to change way at the same time in outputting circuit (JOG) choice. At this moment, move by the helper change Dao Qi to move pushbutton SB6, KA3 coil gets report, KA3 often shuts contact to disconnect lock of implementation each other. The KA3 contact in contactor loop guides (KA1 is in from beginning to end close condition) , KM5 coil gets report, KM5 often shuts contact to disconnect realize lock of double each other. Knife tower is turning contactor loop guides, in advocate loop total KM5 contact closes knife tower is turning. Should be close to component to detect of a knife reach the designated position when signal, knife tower begins fixed position, electric machinery stops turn, hydraulic pressure crock is taut locking, after locking signal detects, change knife end. Other knife date changes knife way ordinal analogize. Move of the particular procedure that change a knife is as follows: Knife tower raises: After numerical control system issues the statement that change a knife, knife tower gets report through a powerful person of electric control electromagnetism, electromagnetism a powerful person controls tower of the knife since top of hydraulic pressure crock, the rat of knife tower center ages dish of depart. Knife tower rotates: The immediateness that detects since knife cat head switch detects after reaching the designated position since knife cat head, make through interface circuit electric machinery is turning, via gearing, knife tower electric machinery rotates. Knife tower locates: Turn to the knife date of need when Dao Daxuan, the immediateness of corresponding knife date switch changes knife date to reach the designated position to feedback of numerical control device detect instruction, knife tower electric machinery stops to rotate. Knife tower locking: Knife tower electric machinery stops to be when the knife date of need, numerical control system issues locking signal, electromagnetism a powerful person gets report, knife tower is down taut, rat ages dish of union, locking detects be close to switch to detect after locking reachs the designated position, change a knife to finish. Change process flow chart 5, the knife tower that PLC changes tower of knife of knife echelon graph to change knife process to choose PLC of graph of knife part echelon to control numerical control lathe, basically be pair of knife towers change a knife to undertake automata. As the flying development of electric technology, PLC control improved manufacturing technology, have taller stability and reliability, stronger real time handles ability, use safeguard simply convenient. The work out of the program is mature operation instruction and spot signal, whole operation becomes simpler, the whirl that the machine tool works, change block, timing, feed, sudden shift is controlled, each other chain is protected and show wait for a function to all be finished by PLC. PLC program analyses: The first, the hand is moved change a knife. Choose mode of operation face plate to hit above all move in one's hand (JOG) mode, wave band switch hits knife date correspondence to need to change knife date place, move by knife library hand again change Dao Qi to move key-press to undertake changing a knife. Move X5 of the signal that change a knife by the helper.

4, y0.

4 output, put through knife tower is turning relay. Knife tower electric machinery is turning look for a knife. Find target knife hind, relay of knife tower electric machinery breaks phone. Electric machinery stops roll, knife tower drops, locking, the hand uses the end that change a knife. The 2nd, change a knife automatically. Choose mode to hit above all move a data to input in one's hand (MDI) mode, in the target knife date that presses PROG of function key of MDI unit program inputs place to need (be like: T0303) , press function key EOB, press function key INSERT then, start key by the loop finally, right now F7.

3 guide, detect through the position be close to switch current knife signal conveys through data instruction and changeover of binary changeover instruction are actual knife date. When the system gives out T0303 of the instruction that change a knife, f7.

3 guide, current knife the knife of a meeting and purpose register date photograph is compared, if agree, the program jumps turn, change knife end. If knife date is abhorrent, tool carrier electric machinery is turning look for a knife, find target knife hind, knife tower drops, locking, after Dao Dasuo is close, the whole process that change a knife ends. 6, last word the process changing a knife of the lathe of this numerical control of this second analysis, adopt electric machinery drive, PLC programme controll, tool carrier can be fast finish raise, turning, anthology, locking a series of movement, came true effectively to change a knife. This changes knife pattern is at present the numerical control lathe of the mainstream changes knife form. Tower of numerical control knife can be in maintain former lathe to be versed in the condition of a diameter of the biggest circumgyrate falls, offer the possibility that picks many knife, and versatility is good. The moving efficiency of knife tower is tall, stable and reliable. Carry this analytic research, had updated knowledge to FANUC system, to the control of the professional knowledge of numerical control lathe degree is reached applied ability to also have bigger rise, the control that also deepened knowledge of numerical control major at the same time degree. CNC Milling CNC Machining