The Che Xi that report amounts to to connect automation platform in be based on is compound solution of treatment machine tool

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Summary: How is article discussion used in amount to report to connect PUTNC-HCL-T to strengthen model system of lathe numerical control, cooperate a stage to amount to ASD series to communicate servo, stage to amount to VFD-VE series high-powered magnetism bundle the unifinication of special coder controls main shaft of transducer of vector control communication, CS7 platform solution will realize economy lathe to have car, mill the functional change of center of turning of the high end in compound treatment function. Keyword: Che Xi of economy of CNC compound treatment lathe is compound 1 foreword of function of axis of main shaft C the diversification as product of part of domain of mechanical cold working is little quantify and complication with each passing day, the CNC that metallic cutting manufacturing industry gives product of high quality, high accuracy, efficient, low cost to can be being machined (computerized numerical control) the demand of the machine tool increases increasingly. Regard numerical control machine tool as manufacturer at the same time, if why go up in the foundation of existing productivity can production of ground of simple, practical, efficient, economy gives the CNC machine tool that has compound process capability, get in intense with each passing day market competition live and develop, also be the main goal of product research and development and direction. The design that is this machine tool and maker people be in all the time make indefatigable effort. 2 CNC compound processing technique the production of product of a part, need much talk working procedure to just can be finished normally, different technique is having different treatment principle and characteristic, different treatment process is having different treatment goal and demand, accordingly they need to using different treatment facilities to come true severally. In traditional workmanship, the production of a spare parts often has with respect to need a variety of, many different treatment facilities will finish. This increased to the stage of equipment is counted and produce workshop not only cover an area of an area, increased the investment of the enterprise thereby, and because produce the spare parts in the process to need to await between craft and process equipment, carry, the element such as examination and clip of outfit of new fixed position, affect treatment precision already, also increased many production to assist time necessarily. Statistic makes clear, this part is not handling time to will occupy the 70%~95% left and right sides that produces total cycle to the spare parts, restricted those who manufacture efficiency greatly to rise thereby. Develop flourishingly as metallic cutting manufacturing industry, machine means to the tradition, it is to use common dispersive type CNC to machine means to already cannot satisfy machine tool user possibly to ask to the treatment of complex part even. The compound treatment means of the replacing intensive style that focuses different processing technique on same table machine tool to finish namely, already made the important way that prospective machine tool develops. CNC compound treatment is the treatment craft that differs a few kinds, put on machine tool of same table numerical control to realize the treatment of the spare parts, can undertake turning treatment, milling treatment, bore treatment wait on machine tool of a numerical control for example. CNC compound treatment is one of metallic cutting is the most popular in recent years advanced production technologies in treatment domain. The biggest advantage that has machine tool of CNC of compound process capability can pass a spare parts to hold clip namely, can implement a part the treatment of a variety of different technology, achieve thereby reduce machine tool and clamping apparatus, discharge working procedure between carry and store, raise a spare parts to machine precision, shorten the purpose of production cycle and managing work area, it is the person that use to bring benefit. The basis pursues 1 reveal light gas to provide combustion nozzle part to machine a graph, traditional treatment pattern needs to issue working procedure of 3 primary treatment to just can finish: Lathe of profile modeling of small-sized perhaps hydraulic pressure comes to use CNC lathe outline of the circle outside treatment; Chuck of graduation of installation of use drilling machine or special fixture implementation comes graduation bore; Use drilling machine installs appropriative to change collet quickly to realize lateral bore and tap. And when the production on the CNC lathe that has compound function, hold clip through working procedure, simple NC process designing can go to the lavatory to implement afore-mentioned all treatment measure quickly, huge rose to machine efficiency. Graph 1 light gas to have combustion spray head 3 cars mill is compound functional implementation and the difference with economy CNC lathe 3.

The difference of 1 rigid structure is lathe of CNC compound treatment with turning, it is with common CNC numerical control lathe is a foundation normally, match with a many labour tool carrier and motivation rotate to cutting tool develops and be become, machining an object basically is an axis kind, dish set kind wait for swing tower spare parts. Divide outside basically undertaking turning is machined, return the treatment such as the milling that can have a share, bore and tap. Hold clip to come true to be passed on a lathe, can have all or major treatment to swing tower spare parts, because this is on the lathe bed of its lathe, besides can install common turning cutting tool, have even can bring the rotating auxiliary power plant such as mount milling cutter, broach and tap, it is this bit to have car, mill lathe of compound function CNC distinguishs the striking feature at economy lathe on rigid structure. 3.

2The difference of CNC control system (1) C axis function. Lathe of CNC of compound to having car, mill function, it controls main shaft passageway of the system, besides the function that can execute S code main shaft, outside controlling gearshift of machine tool main shaft to rotate, it is OK to can realize machine tool main shaft even accurate graduated the linkage function of C and C axis function and C and Z axis, X axis. Have lathe of CNC of so compound function to be able to resemble lathe of ordinary numerical control can be opposite in that way not only the surface of inside and outside of swing tower spare parts (contain columnar face, cone, curved surface to wait) , end panel undertakes turning is machined, still can use whorl of car of function of C-Z axis linkage, the power that uses the installation on function of C axis graduation and X or Z axis rotates the bore that cutting tool has line of center of spare parts of deviate swing tower and milling treatment, expanded greatly thereby numerical control lathe is compound the ability of treatment. (2) the control ability of much axis. Standard economy CNC lathe configures passageway of 1 main shaft normally (servo main shaft or transducer main shaft) with passageway of axis of 2 servo feed (X axis, Z axis) , and have car, mill lathe of compound function CNC, still need to increase auxiliary power plant to realize bore and milling treatment, because this needs controller to be able to offer more servo axis channels (like A axis, Y axis) will control auxiliary power plant, satisfy pilot requirement, if pursue,2 are shown. Graph 2 much axes machine the 4 car mill that report amounts to to connect automation platform in be based on compound treatment solution is comprehensive afore-mentioned analysis, our understanding arrives to transform to what have the CNC lathe of compound process capability from economy lathe is need in the machine tool electric control framework is mixed mechanical design at the same time proceed with comes to two respects ask contentedly, design very much because of the machine stage of manufacturer of every machine tool to latter identical, and the open sex of the PLC that report amounts to to open CNC system in using can satisfy different mechanical design requirement completely, the article is done no longer to mechanical part discuss, report is amounted to to know the integral solution that can offer in electric control respect in main introduction. What product of Electromechanical automation industry abounds is medium amount to report to connect except can offer PUTNC-H4CL-T to strengthen model system of lathe numerical control will satisfy a car, mill outside the control requirement of the CNC lathe of compound function, still can offer a stage to amount to ASD series to communicate servo, stage to amount to VFD-VE series to communicate transducer, the product of automation of complete set industry such as special coder comes to CS7 main shaft the demand of respect of contented and electric control, make mechanical manufacturer capable to be on the foundation of existing productivity can production of ground of simple, practical, efficient, economy gives the CNC machine tool that has compound process capability, took bigger profit for mechanical manufacturer and final user thereby. 4.

1CNC controls systematic introduction to be based on metallic cutting manufacturing industry the market demand of the CNC machine tool of compound to having process capability and the technical tendency that future develops, report is amounted to to connect in 2006 the bottom strengthens PUTNC-H4CL-T model system of lathe numerical control is pushed to the market (graph 3) . The PUTNC-H4CL-T that innovation designs is strengthened model system of lathe numerical control used brand-new strong put oneself in another's position to design a framework, the stability that report amounts to to open numerical control system in acceding completely and operation use sexual characteristic easily, make its performance more excellent. PUTNC-H4CL-T technology characteristic: System of numerical control of graph 3 PUTNC-H4CL-T (1) the systematic framework of open mode, is contained embedded PLC. LCD interface can plan, the customer that can satisfy different and mechanical manufacturer is made change requirement. (2) 10.

LCD of 4 inches of color, view is bigger, clearer. (3) fission type operates platform, use more convenient, the operation is more agile. (4) number of passageway of servo of the biggest control: 4 servo axis (X, Z, Y, A) . (5) main shaft control connects number of channels: Can control 1 servo main shaft or frequency conversion main shaft, main shaft control has function of function of S main shaft and graduation of angle of C axis random. (6) the design concept of machine of an organic whole of car, mill, can realize the linkage function of C and C and Z axis, X axis, can undertake helix chamfer milling, the rich treatment function such as high accuracy thread machining. (7) cooperate the gyral auxiliary power plant such as milling cutter, broach and tap to be able to realize rigid tap, , the compound treatment function such as X axial bore, Z axial bore, prejudicial rigid tap. 4.

2The parameter of CNC system configures the parameter interface of system of numerical control of use PUTNC-H4CL-T lathe, machine tool manufacturer can pass corresponding parameter configuration expediently to realize main shaft function and auxiliary head function, and need not have an edition to the PLC program of CNC. Thereby can more relaxed compose builds CNC lathe what compound treatment needs each control function, if pursue,4 are shown. Graph the automatic interface of system of 4 numerical control and interface of configuration of main shaft parameter 4.

3CNC lathe is compound the NC process designing of treatment to system of PUTNC-H4CL-T lathe numerical control, the system had developed code of appropriative NC instruction, graduation of OK and convenient control main shaft, auxiliary head rotates, implementation tigidity tap, , the compound treatment function such as X axial bore, Z axial bore, prejudicial rigid tap. Next watches listed commonly used NC instruction code. Express compound treatment code of process designing of commonly used NC amounts to ASD series 5 times to communicate servo stage to amount to ASD-A series to enter rank model communication servo and servo of communication of ASD-B standard type are the product of 2 mainstreams servo that the stage amounts to an electron to part to faced the market to roll out 2005 at was being mixed 2003, can all-around the demand of contented industry user, special performance of the property on the application in CNC machine tool is more superior. The stage amounts to servo needle to characteristic of domain of CNC machine tool: (1) 3 built-in and complete kinds (the position / speed / torsion mode) control function basically, can mix expediently on position control implement join. (2) it is good that trends answers a gender, servo rectifies calm time 1ms, sky to carry condition to fall - of 3000RPM~3000RPM quicken time 10ms. (3) PDFF (Pseudo-Derivative Feedback And Feedforward) framework of able-bodied type control is corresponding faster, right exterior interference has stronger control compensation capacity, can assure instant of lathe tool cutting thereby, or when other outside force intervenes suddenly, servo locates or decide fast be affected very few, if pursue,5 are shown. (4) the automatic gain of servo adjusts a function, can assess laden situation automatically and gain of reasonable setting servo, make servo is debugged thereby simpler, quicker, and servo locates more essence of life is accurate, without surmount quantity and acceleration to rush too. Graph 5 PDFF controls a framework (5) offer resonance to restrain function and low connect filter function, can remedy mechanical inadequacy and flaw effectively. (6) the stage amounts to ASD-A series to enter rank model communication servo has function of graduation fixed position more, the I/O that cooperates CNC system PLC plans to be able to realize control of servo knife library easily, refer to a graph 6. The servo graduation function of the buy inside series of graph 6 ASD-A amounts to VFD-VE series 6 times high-powered magnetism bundle vector control communicates transducer stage to amount to VFD-VE series is to was market of contented high end to roll out a 2007 brand-new product, its frequency outputs limits to be 0~ 600 Hz, and V2H output more be as high as 3600Hz, can satisfy the control requirement of main shaft of high speed of CNC machine tool completely. Use unique position to control a function, the C axis function that coordinates H4CL-T system also can realize function of graduation of angle of main shaft random. VFD-VE series communicates transducer characteristic: (1) inside buy V/F, vector control. Torsion control, and the position controls a function. (2) frequency output limits is 0~ 600 Hz, the output of high-end type more be as high as 3600Hz. (3) speed controls precision: FOC+PG shuts loop control, can amount to + / - 0.

02% . (4) low speed moment of force: 0.

5HZ can be amounted to 150% . (5) can do motor parameter and laden inertia appraise to measure and appraise of curve of high speed weak magnetism measures a function. (6) function of the decelerate when mechanical stop a machine by cutting off the power controls power cut of function, instantaneous. (7) motor temperature is answered give protection (PTC) function. 7 amount to CS7 main shaft main shaft of special coder CS7 is special coder characteristic: (1) highest get used to rotate speed to be as high as 8000RPM, highest and corresponding frequency is 300kHZ. (2) orgnaization design can get used to environment of serious laden work, be able to bear or endure shake, high temperature resistant. (3) aviation connect, defend grade is IP65, apply to environment of expensive oil gas. (5) modular design, a variety of norms are optional, reliability is high. 8 last words are compound the important way that processing technique is development of prospective CNC machine tool. The integral automation solution that electric flux body amounts to to be spent surely in, complete to machine tool manufacturer quite can contented economy machine tool transforms to the function of machine tool of the high end in having compound function. Let machine tool manufacturer can seek higher target market, the product has competition ability more. final to the machine tool user, used the CNC machine tool of compound processing technique, the stability that report amounts to to open control system in union and use a sex easily, manufacturing technology also will produce change to be advanced intensive type to produce kind by traditional and dispersive type, the production cycle of product quality and spare parts also will have " qualitative " and " quantity ' leap, create a greater benefit for its thereby. Clearly, platform of automation of because the solution is compositive single brand, make the final user that report amounts to to connect CNC machine tool in be based on easy obtain equipment lifecycle to always have interest TB0(Tota1Benefit 0f 0wnerShip) the biggest the economic technology characteristic that change. CNC Milling CNC Machining