The method with a kind of energy-saving welding rod reachs circuit

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1 welding rod uses medium problem welding rod is use in production solder at most material, normally, welding rod fuses certain length has to discard, change welding rod additionally. Discard the length of welding rod is shorter, welding rod utilization rate is higher, electric energy and material waste are less. Undoubted, reasonable use welding rod, shorten welding rod discards length, OK and managing electric energy and material. In soldering, the solderer often uses bigger than normal value electric current to come to those who raise welding rod solder speed, because solder electric current is too big, the resistor heat of generation increases quickly, resistor is accumulated hotly can make welding rod coating aglow, craze 22k falls off even, welding rod did not use normal length to have to discard, at the same time too big electric current solders of generation glowing also make work requirement exasperate, this kind of method is cost with the waste of electric energy and material. But from look on the other hand, resistor heat has warm-up effect to welding rod, what warm-up welding rod conduces to welding rod is fused, and can obtain with lesser electric current likewise as tall as big electric current solder speed. Use in production solder warm-up action of electric current, can make sure welding rod has taller solder speed, can achieve energy-saving goal again at the same time. The method with 2 energy-saving welding rod and circuit solder in the begining, solder with big electric current, the resistor that uses a generation heats up sufficient warm-up welding rod, welding rod fuses change big electric current to lesser electric current to continue to solder when certain length, can make of welding rod solder rate is higher, welding rod discards length is short. The electric current that designs according to law of this one party alternates circuit is like plan institute to show, this circuit by solder two parts comprise synchronous circuit and voltaic commutation circuit. Solder synchronous circuit wait for composition by LM324 of parts of an apparatus, responsible judgement solders to whether begin, assure to time with solder begin synchronism. Welder is in carry for nothing, 324 output are parts of an apparatus low n, once solder,begin welder to carry voltage Uf to drop, 324 output are parts of an apparatus tall n. Electric current alternates by parts of an apparatus 555 wait with relay finish. When 324 output are low n, 555 be in time preparation condition and output tall n, relay R of electrify general resistor is short receive, to soldering electric current controls loop to was not affected. Solder begin, 324 output are tall n, 555 begin to time and solder into travel big electric current. Time time arrives, 555 retroflexion output low n, relay breaks report to receive resistor R solder electric current dominates return circuit, solder electric current arrived from commutation of big electric current lesser electric current, receive till solder change welding rod. Solder we are in principle of voltaic commutation circuit if plan institute shows circuit,ZXG7-300 magnetism amplifier was used on type arc welding machine, the ZXG7-300 inside casing of the dotted line in when using, will pursueing arc welding machine solders the C of the edge that connect a line of voltaic control circuit, D disconnects, carry the often opens contact A of C, D and JZX-22F, B join, welder output is being carried with the I in the graph end is linked together. The basis determines, solder voltaic control loop strings together resistor every increase 1 Ω , solder electric current is reduced make an appointment with 10A, after commutation solder before electric current compares commutation solder it is better that electric current reduces 20A-40A. Use φ 4mm writtens guarantee 422 welding rod, begin electric current to make an appointment with 230A, the electric current after commutation makes an appointment with 200A, electric current of the commutation when welding rod fuses to welding rod full-length 2/3 is controlled, can obtain solder high speed, welding rod discards length is very short, change when welding rod, welding rod has a bit aglow, but do not affect solder quality. Polish and rigid market has development latent capacity to occupy concerned media coverage, in the product that Poland imported last year, mechanical product is as high as 11 billion dollar, show its machine market has development latent capacity. In last few years, polish economy year after year grows, predict economic increase rate will be amounted to this year 5.

8% , because this drove the demand to mechanical equipment. In the product of polish entrance, 36% what mechanical equipment and facility for transporting take entrance specified amount, amount to 15.2 billion dollar. According to the report, the mechanical equipment of polish entrance, basically come from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Sweden and United States to wait. Taiwan manufacturer also values market of development Poland machine, already obtained this year a few clinch a deal the forehead. 3 conclusion application make clear, use this kind of method that electric current reduces after big electric current first, want to choose the commutation time that appropriate electric current coordinates only, can make full use of electric energy and material, achieve the goal of energy-saving synergism. CNC Milling CNC Machining