Numerical control lathe machines analysis of example of process designing model

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This is one contains education colorific do exercises in composition, the article undertook be elaboratinged compendiously to the means of numerical control process designing and measure, the CNC Turning treatment that is aimed at a typical spare parts gave out a program. The program is with numerical control of Xi Menzi 802S the system is exemple write. Numerical control machine tool is a kind of technology is spent thick and fast reach the Electromechanical unifinication with automation very high rate to machine equipment, it is integrated application detect the computer, automata, automatically the production that reachs the new and high technology such as accurate machinery. The development that controls a machine tool as number and gain ground, modern industry is sure to increase ceaselessly to knowing the demand of the CNC machining technology, technology talented person that can have CNC Machining process designing. Numerical control lathe is to use one of the most extensive numerical control machine tools at present. The article machines medium to program problem to undertake discussing with respect to spare parts of numerical control lathe. One, method of process designing of numerical control of process designing method has manual process designing and automatic process designing two kinds. Manual process designing is to show from part drawing appearance analyses craft computation of processing, data, write program of program sheet, input to wait for each measure to basically have the process designing process that completes artificially to course desired result. It applies to the treatment that orders the part with a treatment or geometrical not quite complex form, and calculation is simpler, block is not much, the circumstance that process designing realizes easily. But complex to geometrical appearance part (especially the part that dimensional curved surface forms) , and geometrical element is not complex but need to weave the program measures very large part, because process designing chronometer considers numeric job quite trival, workload is big, make mistake easily, course desired result is more difficult also, finish hard with manual process designing, because this should use automatic process designing. Alleged and automatic process designing namely the much that to program works or entirely the computer is finished, can solve the treatment problem of complex part effectively, also be the development trend of future of numerical control process designing. In the meantime, also want to see manual process designing is the foundation of automatic process designing, a lot of core experience in automatic process designing originate manual process designing, both supplements each other. 2, after process designing measure takes a piece of spare parts blueprint, answer part drawing paper to analyse above all, machine process certainly, the treatment method that also decides a part namely (place location method to wait like adoption labour clamping apparatus, outfit) , machine a course (like feed course, right the knife dot, dot that change a knife) reach craft parameter (mix like speed of rotate speed of feed speed, main shaft, cutting cutting deepness) . Should have numeric consideration next. System of majority numerical control contains knife filling function, the node that requires element of geometry of adjacent of computational outline photograph only (or point of tangency) coordinate value, reach the coordinate of the centre of a circle of the start terminus of each geometry element and circular arc is worth can. Finally, the value of coordinate of contrail of cutting tool motion that gives according to computation and affirmatory already treatment parameter reach auxiliary action, system of combinative numerical control sets use coordinate instruction code and block pattern, chase paragraph write sheet of spare parts machine program, in the memory that inputs CNC device. 3, lathe of numerical control of typical example analysis basically is spare parts of treatment swing tower, typical treatment surface nothing more than outside columnar, outside face of conic, whorl, circular arc, grooving. For example, should machine appearance to be like the part that plan institute shows, use method of manual process designing more appropriate. As a result of different numerical control system its process designing dictates code differs somewhat, because this answers,undertake process designing according to equipment type. It is with system of numerical control of Xi Menzi 802S exemple, should undertake as follows operating. (1) machines a course to press certainly first advocate hind second, the principle is machined thickly to machine a course certainly after essence of life first, use fixed loop to dictate external outline undertakes rough machining, again finish machining, next the car retreats knife chamfer, machine whorl finally. (Method of 2) outfit clip and the option that choose to the knife use 3 claw from centering chuck from centering clamp, to the knife the dot chooses the node of the right end panel in workpiece and rotor line. (3) chooses cutting tool basis to machine a requirement, choose 4 knives, 1 is lathe tool of the circle outside rough machining, 2 are lathe tool of the circle outside finish machining, 3 are grooving knife, 4 are car whorl knife. Use try cut a way to the knife, to the knife while come out end panel treatment. (4) decides the circle outside cutting dosage car, rotate speed of thick car main shaft is 500r/min, feed speed is 0.

3mm/r, rotate speed of fine vehicle main shaft is 800r/min, feed speed is 0.

08mm/r, when grooving and car whorl, main shaft rotate speed is 300r/min, feed speed is 0.

1mm/r. (To program decides 5) the node of axes line and ball head center is process designing origin, the machine program of the spare parts is as follows: Main program JXCP1.

MPFN05G90G95G00X80Z100 (the dot that change a knife) N10T1D1M03S500M08 (outside round thick lathe tool) - CNAME= " L01 " R105=1R106=0.


5 (parameter of loop of setting preform cutting) R109=7R110=2R111=0.


08N15LCYC95 (call rough machining of preform cutting loop) N20G00X80Z100M05M09N25M00N30T2D1M03S800M08 (outside round essence lathe tool) N35R105=5 (parameter of loop of setting preform cutting) N40LCYC95 (transfer precision work of preform cutting loop) N45G00X80Z100M05M09N50M00N55T3D1M03S300M08 (grooving lathe tool, dao Kuan 4mm) N60G00X37Z-23N65G01X26F0.


8N85G01Z-23N90G01X37N95G00X80Z100M05M09N100M00N105T4D1M03S300M08 (triangular whorl lathe tool)   R100=29.


8 (parameter of loop of setting whorl cutting) R103=-18R104=2R105=1R106=0.


24R112=0R113=5R114=1N110LCYC97 (call whorl cutting to circulate) N115G0080Z100M05M09N120M00N125T3D1M03S300M08 (cut off lathe tool, dao Kuan 4mm) N130G00X45Z-60N135G01X0F0.

1N140G00X80Z100M05M09N145M02 subprogram L01.



8Z - 5N30G01Z - 23N35G01X33N40G01X35Z - 24N45G01Z - 33N50G02X36.

725Z - 37.

838CR=14N55G01X42Z - 45N60G01Z - 60N65G01X45N70M17 4, the last word should realize CNC Machining, process designing is crucial. Although the article machines a spare parts to lathe of a numerical control only undertook process designing is analysed, but it is had certain representative. Because numerical control lathe can machine the complex curved surface that common lathe cannot machine, treatment precision is tall, quality assures easily, development perspective is very wide, because this masters the treatment of numerical control lathe,process designing technology is attached most importance to especially should. CNC Milling CNC Machining