New name of razor blade of titanium alloy milling

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To satisfy the slashing requirement of titanium alloy milling, shanteweikekeleman rolled out new name of two kinds of razor blade -- S30T and S40T. Of these two kinds of new names roll out the treatment dependability titanium alloy and bit life to push to new standard. New name can be used at CoroMill milling cutter familial face mill, square shoulder mill, long knife mill and tall feed milling, insert mill, copying and groovy mill to wait. Brand S30T serves as a key with titanium alloy milling, it integrated the character of small grain hard alloy and wear-resisting PVD coating, sharp cutting cutting tool has very strong fight exhaustion intensity and fight ability of small collapse blade, because this is in,taller cutting can acquire longer cutting tool service life below speed. Brand S40T is developed for difficult milling operating mode only, it is comprised by the hard alloy of tall tenacity and thin CVD coating. This kind of brand can endure vibration and other difficult operating mode when cutting, have longer cutting time thereby. In addition, because cutting blade is to become blunt stage by stage,and rather than bursts apart, because this wears away,can forecast. CNC Milling CNC Machining