Arnaud Umformtechnik development goes " abide by " product line replaces turning to machine

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"Abide by " product line is by muti_function production of accurate metal component replaced turning production. The changes itself to be as high as 80 % with respect to enough implementation cost of this kind of production methods is economic. In the past, branch of nice package production is proprietary of domain of machining course of study almost. The much of these component is to use costly lathe turning to make go out. The integral cost pressure of the raw material price that rises ceaselessly and whole industry closed to produce a more innovation and cost effectiveness producer the demand that type stability increases. Graph 1 answer this one challenge, arnaud Umformtechnik has been developed " abide by " product line (graph 1) , this " abide by " the production of metallic form form that product line includes complex precision replaced turning thereby. The cost that the change itself of this kind of production methods realized to be as high as 80 % with respect to enough is economic, support reachs yield at specific component (graph 2) . In the crucial factor that this huge cost reduces, include to have reduce raw material to use up, waste won't exist in fashioning a process in order to cause cut, and multistage press and traditional automatic lathe photograph are clearer than having higher unit yield. In addition, be used in the likelihood without confine actually or " abide by " on the design of the product. For example, arnaud uses 6 - level is pressed press a technology, use the tine outside can be being made or spline part, roll pillar component, hollow with half hollow component, opposite sex spare parts, bearing bolt. Graph 2 for on one hand the versatility of utmost and on the other hand the production method of cost effectiveness is to need to be in " abide by " before package develops a process, solve. Be in preliminary and as harmonious as the client later, arnaud Umformtechnik still is planning in component level undertook " series produces an inspection " . Here the optimization production of the necessary parameter of cost effectiveness and client component can be in do not have functional sex or be decided below premise of quality respect harm. Development process moves to be on the production of sample of sex of function of close series character next, after it can be come out by production as large-scale component same, with same property shape component is produced together. CNC Milling CNC Machining