Japanese black outstanding (DIJET) firm precision work places type ball head to carry milling cutter with BNM machine

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In mould treatment, rough machining, semifinishing machining uses milling cutter of head of ball of machine clip type extensively already. But when finish machining, traditional treatment pattern still is to use milling cutter of integral hard alloy. Cutting tool price is high, answer grind more difficult, need recoat layer. Answer more primary cutting tool has the cutting tool life after grinding and precision bigger difference. Outstanding company is aimed at Japanese black these problems, through research and experiment, development goes individual precision work to use head of ball of machine clip type to carry milling cutter, fill the blank in mould treatment, already used extensively in Japan, United States and Europe at present. Its characteristic is as follows: 1. Ministry of center of blade of good by treatment surface quality cutting uses the big chamfer that hold bit to design, because this has the good sex that discharge bits and cutting sex, can achieve very tall surface precision. Can be amounted to by treatment surface Ra0. 4 the following. 2. Cutting tool production precision and treatment precision are tall because use unique fixed structure, make bit installs clip to originally, stability is taller, deserve to go up again the razor blade of high accuracy (point production precision is ± 0. 006) , the integral precision that raises cutting tool thereby (precision of circular arc of the point after assembling is ± 0. 008) . 3. Bit holds clip it is convenient, good to repeat precision individual clamp unit, the outfit of bit is placed and disassemble more convenient, and repeat precision tall (patent application) . 4. Cutting tool service life grows bit to use the JC5010 with newest DIJET and JC5025 material to plant. The surface uses TiAlN and TiCN crisscross multilayer and compound coating, its cutting performance is very steady. JC5010 has extremely tall wearability, JC5025 can suit bigger percussive is machined. 5. Manufacturing efficiency tall steel linear velocity of dot of the cutting when treatment is recommended for 200m / Min, and linear velocity of its cutting dot is recommended when cast-iron treatment for 250m / Min, feed can amount to 1mm / Rev. 6. Reduce milling cutter of head of ball of cost whole hard alloy to be in answer after grinding, repeat when using, the ability after needing recoat layer achieves former service life and efficiency. Because the user is in answer the production requirement that adjusts very will inaccessible primary cutting tool, cause cutting tool life to suffer an effect greatly. And use this cutting tool, will avoid the difficult problem of above, improve cutting tool service life thereby, reduce cost. Compare with photograph of milling cutter of head of ball of integral hard alloy, the machine clip of this cutting tool does not grind bit to show very old economy again. 7. Breed range of all ready, application is wide by cutter hub diameter classification has 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 30, 32. By cutter hub length classified criterion has short model (S) , medium-sized (M) , long model (L) . Machine example 1   user: Sign one's name of model of plant of identity of car of some famous car plant weighs home: Die of car batholith envelope makes shake board ministry set fast (45 steel)   equipment: Machining center of Italian RAMBAUDI high speed uses cutter hub: BNMM-160063T-S16 (16)   uses bit: Condition of   cutting of BNM-160 / JC5010: Rotate speed 15000rpm; Deepness of cutting of   of Min of feed 15000mm / : Df   0. 2 ~ 0.   of Pf of 25mm     0. Fluid of 2mm   cutting: Sparge refrigeration result: A) a point is machined model face; B) point wears away be less than use cutting tool formerly (use abroad formerly some company  milling cutter of head of ball of hard alloy of whole of coating of 20 4 blade) ; C) be in in corner A, the eduction that cut bits is very fluent, solved often die with cutting tool formerly lack an issue. Machine example 2   user: Germany is famous factory model sign one's name weighs Motor Corporation bodywork: Die of envelope of side of car automobile body uses cutter hub: BNMM-200075T-S20 ( 20)   uses bit: BNM-200 / JC5025 does type cutting to be beaten by radial of the circle outside point of treatment material  (Mm) cutting speed (M / Min) feed (Mm / Rev) cutting deepness (Mm) handling time (Min) after knife face wears away VBmax (Mm) surface roughness of the surface after treatment Ra. 0083140. 60. 40. 3800. 0590. 600. 58GG250. 0012500. 60. 40. 31000. 0621. 651. 6742CrMo40. 0022000. 422300. 0530. 551. 55GG250. 0041500. 422400. 0530. 981. 15  all are German material brand CNC Milling CNC Machining