RG M2 angle inputs mode to lift the new agitation that improves way of the treatment that fold a turn

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When undertaking large quantities of quantities produce treatment, to the working procedure folding a turn of Ban gold, RG M2 series loses curved chance (graph 1) dimension of the established rule or practice after the point of view that needs to input treatment only is reached, later can successive undertake machining. The series of new-style RG M2 that graph 1AMADA company rolls out loses curved chance before, china is called to be the production factory of the world, basically produce mode to give priority to with batch. And current China, the transition that machining mode at production period. Accompanying the demand of product diversification, and product production shortens periodicly, the manufacturing mode of nowadays is producing the mode to much breed small lot to transform by the onefold breed of large quantities of quantities. And the machine tool that often can see before lays the treatment pattern that has flow operation side by side, cannot have gotten used to the new need that machines mode. The reason is: Traditional flow operation pattern can machine the generation is many semi-finished products between link in each, and carry these semi-manufactured goods, can use up needless mix artificially time. If a person cannot finish handlers independently,much talk loses the treatment of curved working procedure, expand demand with respect to what get used to this times very hard. Accordingly, curved machine is folded to go up in same table, the corresponding and different length that fold a turn (the pressurization that fold a turn changes) treatment must want to deploy suitable NC (numerical control) system. Such ability assure to be in what whole work completes on an equipment lose curved treatment, and the semi-manufactured goods that won't produce the treatment that fold a turn. But the work out that should complete many program that fold a turn, the skilled handlers that if not be,has old treatment experience is finished hard. And this also is the biggest question that the client encounters at present. Accordingly, the new-style NC system that the place of product of RG M2 series that AMADA company releases first on CIMT2009 provides, joined treatment condition to remember a function automatically (graph 2) . In industry of Chinese Sheet Metal Fabrication, lifted an improvement to fold a turn to machine the new agitation of means. The new-style NC system that place of product of series of graph 2 RG M2 provides, joined treatment condition to remember a function automatically when using the angle that fold a turn to input mode, should input material only board the qualitative, length that fold a turn mixes thick, material mould (upper mould is most advanced R) after waiting for parameter, NC system can calculate those who give place to need to lose curved pressure automatically. In addition, in the NC system of RG M2, still increased treatment condition to remember a function automatically. NC system can remember has inputted treatment requirement automatically, when be inputted the 2nd times, the data that remembers before is met by automatic v. Saved the basic cycle time that inputs link considerably thereby. For example, input board is thick, the system can finish the computation of pressurization automatically; And the length folding a turn that course dimension, part decides after requiring an input only, with respect to the work out that can complete the program that fold a turn. With before treatment means photograph is compared, with the calculator computation loses the job such as curved coefficient all but leave out. That is to say, although not be seasoned handlers, the process designing that also can complete this work completes treatment. Because Chinese manufacturing industry is developing ahead with very breathtaking speed, because this is in industry of Sheet Metal Fabrication, also be in to the demand of Ban gold facilities producing tremendous change. In treatment the spot need not secure the working station of handlers, everybody can complete the treatment that fold a turn. And the new product that the RG M2 series that publishs this discounts curved machine to be rolled out for the target with this just about. The golden key that we believe to RG M2 is sure to become new era of manufacturing industry of gold of open China Ban! CNC Milling CNC Machining