Choose milling of optimal cutting tool to machine outline

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Treatment of dish of annulus spare parts in aviation engine is medium, of a few component inside, outside the requirement that machines place and treatment precision because of its with sunken outline, making its straight is the key that technologist pays close attention to. Now, in CNC machining, the powerful function of system of CAD/CAM of have the aid of, process designing personnel can hint according to the system the automatic process designing that completes work very quickly works. But do not have CAPP function commonly as a result of the system, the parameter of alternant input needs to machine craft and experience to decide by basis of process designing personnel, because this is right the level of process designing personnel and experience demand are higher. Establishing milling cutter is the commonly used cutting tool that undertakes to workpiece outline on CNC Milling and machining center milling is machined, radius of horn of the long to its diameter, blade, circle that carry sword needs to wait for geometrical parameter to undertake choosing before process designing. If workpiece does not need to undertake sunken outline is machined, establish milling cutter parameter to decide very easily, but most workpiece needs to undertake sunken outline is machined, right now parameter of finish machining cutting tool can turn according to outline receive radius R to decide, and semifinishing machining and parameter of rough machining cutting tool cannot decide directly however, personnel of need process designing chooses according to experience, its rationality assures hard. Article union machines spot circumstance, turn according to sunken outline receive model of maths of calculative of parameter of cutting tool of place rough machining, used C++ language to design but efficiency of treatment of give attention to two or morethings and the sunken outline that machine precision are optimal the selection process of milling cutting tool. The sunken outline that involves in article includes the outline outside workpiece medium inside the sunken outline, outline inside workpiece turns the flat bottom groove that receives place and workpiece to go up. The option plan of geometrical dimension shows milling cutter 1 times to establish milling cutter diagram for the model. See by the graph, the R of radius of horn of the circle that carry sword of finish machining milling cutter should agree with part drawing, addition labour milling cutter is in accept the premise that has mental allowance, desirable R=O(because R is bigger, milling cutter carries the ability of blade milling plane to jump over difference, treatment efficiency also jumps over low) ; In the meantime, below the condition that assures cutting tool tigidity, milling cutter knife is long should not be too long. Usually, take knife time to decrease, raise manufacturing efficiency to reach make sure milling cutter is rigid, answer to choose the milling cutter with bigger diameter as far as possible. When workpiece sunken outline turns receive place radius R lesser and workpiece sidewall is the biggest when high H is bigger, the milling cutter of the choice is general and fine long, cutting tool tigidity is right now poorer, treatment is more difficult, need to use order of many milling cutter to machine accordingly. D.

L of milling cutter diameter.

L of milling cutter overall length.

Milling cutter blade grows R.

Milling cutter carries H of radius of blade round horn.

The workpiece sidewall that needs milling is the biggest high R.

Between workpiece wainscot turn receive radius to pursue 1 model establishs milling cutter diagram to turn with workpiece sunken outline receive place rough machining to establish milling cutter to be exemple, the basis pursues 2, type of computation of milling cutter diameter is essence of D thick Max=2[D - R essence - δ beyond - (R is thick + δ builds 2) (1) of / of Min)sin(a/2)> / 1-sin(a among them δ takes essence of life of 2-r of / of essence of 2+(D of Min=D essence / ) allow of δ of 2)- of / Sin(a / (in 2) type: A machines the smallest included angle for sunken outline; δ beyond is surplus of finish machining unilateral, take δ beyond normally: 0.

5 ~ 1mm; δ beyond turns for workpiece sunken outline the largest surplus that after receiving place classics addition to be versed in, leaves allows a value, it is decided by the tigidity of finish machining milling cutter, take δ allow =(0 usually.

3 ~ O.

8)D essence; δ builds Min to be workpiece the smallest amount of boundary of milling of thick finish machining taking a side on celiac board; The radius R essence of finish machining cutting tool takes workpiece sunken outline to turn normally the O that receives radius R.

8 ~ O.

9 times (when cutting tool radius is lesser 1 times more desirable) . Graph computation of diameter of milling cutter of 2 rough machining pursues optimal the design of process of cutting tool selection is theoretic, by type (1) can be calculated conveniently give the rough machining that gives a condition to fall to establish milling cutter diameter, but in be being machined actually, the computation that establishs milling cutter diameter is quite troublesome however. Above all, in CNC Machining. Rough machining cutting tool is affirmatory commonly (measure finite vertical machining center or work measure change to doing knife storage capacity especially not big treatment circumstance) , need to decide right now whether to still need to choose intermediate cutting tool between rough machining cutting tool and finish machining cutting tool, next, treatment milling cutter can divide outline to establish milling cutter and machine clip formula for integral type but dislocation establishs milling cutter two kinds, each kinds have different type, norms and measure again, every change a dimension to need to check watch, computation afresh, very trival, because machine program of staff of personnel of this process designing is constant,pick a knife by right of experience. If press conservative value to pick a knife, the intermediate cutting tool between cutting tool of coarsen, essence crosses the likelihood much, build receive an amount too big, extend handling time already, can reduce celiac board face to machine quality again; Amount of treatment of the cutting tool between the pitch on that be like place is too large, stay possibly after finish machining cannot mill goes " blind angle " , need complement of new process designing to take a knife; In the meantime, the surplus that leaves precision work crosses congress to cause treatment difficulty, cutting tool loss is big, machine dimension to assure hard. Accordingly, it is very important that deepness of cutting of amount of affirmatory and optimal cutting tool, reasonable arrangement and mental allowance machine quality and treatment efficiency to rising. For fast, accurate, choose cutting tool conveniently, we designed the special program that pick a knife. The thought presses programming respectively above all integral type establishs milling cutter and machine clip but dislocation type establishs milling cutter type of two kinds of cutting tool, by cutting tool diameter (arrive as a child big) build the database of cutting tool data that includes the parameter such as cutting tool norms, dimension; Next the parameter of cutting tool of the rough machining that be mixed by data of treatment sunken outline that the basis inputs, by type (1) , (the dimension of cutting tool is hand-in-hand among 2) and computation of principle of choice of cutting tool parameter travel circle rectifies processing; Finally from the cutting tool with appropriate Cheng of the Shen in database of cutting tool data. Evaluation subprogram and round whole subprogram include in this program. The measure of the cutting tool intermediate that evaluation subprogram computation gives is impossible apropos and as complete as the parameter in database of cutting tool data equal, because this needs to undertake to dimension the circle rectifies processing, specific means is the cost that in finding out database of cutting tool data, approximates most with computational diameter. If this value is less than computational value, should be worth make a cost for the circle namely; If this value is more than computational value, value of a cutting tool makes a cost for the circle. Flow of main program of choice of optimal cutting tool is like order flow the graph is shown 3 times. Graph moving example of program of flow chart of 3 main programs runs this cutting tool to choose a program, sunken outline of workpiece of computational treatment some turns receive the cutting tool parameter of place. Input the following parameter: Workpiece sunken outline machines the smallest angle (Angle<180) : What Angle=60 finish machining leaves unilateral surplus (0.

L) of ≤ of 5 ≤ Res: Res=0.

Coefficient of radius of cutting tool of 5mm finish machining (0.

1) of ≤ of 8 ≤ T: T=0.

Area of 8 workpiece sunken outline is the smallest curvature radius (R ≤ 20) : R=7.

Face of 5mm workpiece outline and abdomen of board face turn receive circular arc radius (R ≤ R) : R=2mm workpiece sidewall is the biggest height (H ≤ 39) : H=15mm adds X- surplus coefficient (0.

≤ of 3 ≤ K 0.

8) : K=0.

Cutting tool carries radius of blade round horn among 5mm (R1) : R1=1.

Cutting tool carries radius of blade round horn among 6mm (R2) : R2=1.

The radius of horn of the circle that carry sword of cutting tool of 2mm rough machining (Rmax) : Rmax=0.

4mm runs a program, get the result is as follows computational: NOrmal Align=right> unit (Mm)normal MARGIN of type of Center" Align=center> cutting tool: 0cm 0cm 0pt; TEXT-ALIGN: Normal Align=center> cutting tool: 0cm 0cm 0pt; TEXT-ALIGN: Center" Align=center> blade grows Normal Align=center> carries Normal Align=center>ARTnormal Align=center>12.

00normal Align=center>26.

00normal Align=center>1.

6normal Align=center>ARTnormal Align=center>18.

00normal Align=center>31.

00normal Align=center>1.

6normal Align=center>ARTnormal Align=center>30.

00normal Align=center>43.

00normal Align=center>0.

When 4 epilogue used C++ language to design milling workpiece sunken outline, optimal cutting tool chooses a program. This program regards 2 development of CAD/CAM system as the program, embed machining complex function can be perfected after the system. Apply this program to be able to machine a circumstance according to the spot logical choice cutting tool, reduce workload of process designing personnel, improve treatment efficiency and treatment quality significantly. CNC Milling CNC Machining