Can apparel difficult problem of boat of equipment batteries add is captured

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The issuance of malic Apple Watch gives again can apparel device sphere brought a tornado, but the add boat time of 18 hours is not quite long still, make numerous and potential purchaser cannot readily dig down. Of batteries flexible with add boat ability and relevant parts of an apparatus flexible, all the time since it is to be able to apparel the biggest bottleneck that equipment popularizes. Nevertheless, peng Hui of advanced material academy gets the better of near future Fudan University the professor had solved this one difficult problem from the technology. He is in charge of carbolic accept rice battery of lithium of make it fibroid and solar battery, and after weaving this one fiber fabric, can realize power supply, become angry etc apparel fibrous function. According to scholastic estimation, the technical revolution with new tomorrow will happen in can apparel device sphere, especially height is compositive can apparel equipment. Industry is conjectural, to 2019, can apparel of the mobile phone before equipment will be equal to exceed order even popularize degree. But the IWatch that is an apple no matter, still connect the intelligent watch that waits for an enterprise SamSung, high, and cereal song glasses, what can not solve material is flexible the problem with batteries add boat. The Peng Hui that pursues basic research for a long time gets the better of a professor to say, he wants to do a few things that differ with others only at first. He wants to produce solar battery of a linear. Result, his discovery passes tube of fiber of carbolic accept rice to be able to achieve this one goal, what and produce come out is linear the solar battery can be achieved at present of the solar battery on market generate electricity efficiency, "The key is this one fiber is knitted after coming out, do not have too big difference with common fabric, and mix intelligent high polymer, still can make this one fiber knits the data that give to wait according to behavioral extent and temperature become angry, the sort that and can pass control of different intelligent high polymer becomes angry and frequency " . As we have learned, this one technology already was in England at present " natural " 5 papers had been published on the magazine, in the United States " science " 3 papers had been published on the magazine, regard cover article as 13 times the report on the top class magazine of chemistry and domain of high polymer material, the top class periodical of chemical domain held a press conference 4 times for this. Current, this achievement has gotten the attention that reached a few industries of Germany, United States, and task group already cooperated with an overseas business develop intelligent watch but adjustable wrist is taken, belt of this one wrist is braided with the fiber of lithium battery make it and become, can reduce the weight of intelligent watch not only, still can increase twice of add boat time. "This one achievement can be used at intelligence to be able to apparel not only equipment, still be used in medical treatment domain at present. " Peng Hui is gotten the better of say, the material that weaves with this one fiber is being used at the new student in the attempt in device of the wrestle since sickness treatment and heart. CNC Milling CNC Machining