Alpha transducer is recording model machine energy-saving medium application

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Summary: The article analysed the machine that note model energy-saving the problem in transforming, introduced alpha to record model machine special model transducer is in energy-saving the application in transforming, keyword: The machine that note model is special model alpha of principle of system of transducer, energy-saving alpha is energy-saving control system is to combine me the company is in what frequency control and domain of the machine that note model come for years to cross professional experience, use advanced computer to control a technology, want the energy-saving characteristic of transducer of sue for peace according to noting the craft of model machine, the synchronous signal input that uses the machine that note model records model machine transducer of special software control works. The rotate speed that asks according to noting the craft of model machine synchro control oil pump is motor, pump of will traditional variable of mensurable pump instead. Turn into from pattern of traditional timing of proportioning valve reduce expenditure with respect to the control means screw so pattern of electromotor transducer timing, improved greatly thereby overall function. The machine noting model after transforming withholds original unit process of cargo bandling changeless, realized the application with the will most advanced frequency control perfect technology to be produced at plastic industry truly. Long-term in light of, alpha is energy-saving device from go up at all the structure that simplified to fix system of model machine hydraulic pressure, reduced the manufacturing cost of itself of the enterprise that note model, compare with the energy-saving measure photograph such as the variable pump that uses at present, it is a kind of revolutionary progress undoubtedly, be sure to make the trend that future of the company that note model develops. Systematic block diagram reduces alpha of specific power consumption substantially the mensurable pump change with energy-saving will traditional plant is variable pump, use newest frequency control method, replace the method of proportioning valve timing previously, reduce specific power consumption substantially. Below the premise that asks in contented craft, realized oil pump motor the distinct effect of energy-saving 30%-65% . Improve manufacturing technology, lengthen alpha of service life of equipment energy-saving device uses exterior and patulous synchro control, meaning of aleatoric speed Duan Sui is adjustable, can satisfy requirement of the craft that note model conveniently, make reach optimal value, make produce craft to rise somewhat than before. And systematic oil lukewarm stability, prolonged sealed component life, reduced equipment to uphold charge. Control operates convenient alpha energy-saving device uses advanced computer to control a medium, use signal of synchronism of the machine that note model, ask according to noting technology of model aircraft engine automata oil pump is motor, moving on the safe side, energy-saving to alpha device does not need to undertake modulatory in production, control operation is convenient. Energy-saving device reduces the soft starting alpha that realizes complete meaning to go up greatly the machine that note model switchs on the mobile phone, combine a model, when flying a model shake, improved quality of electrified wire netting, avoided the impact of equipment itself, prolonged the service life of equipment and mould. Energy-saving device can realize tall dependability alpha labour frequency / frequency conversion changeover, although be below the circumstance of frequency conversion occurrence problem, can change to labour frequency, won't affect manufacturing schedule. Successive service life can amount to this device 10 years above. Functional overview: The working process cent of the machine that note model is add up to glue of model, lock model, frit, shoot glue, protect pressure, cooling, fly a model. The actuating pressure that each phase place needs and discharge are different, the whole process that note model is the laden condition that is in constant change. Record model machine at present the majority is mensurable pump, motor of its oil pump outputs constant flow with constant rotate speed, and in producing a course, some phase need few discharge and pressure only, redundant hydraulic pressure oil carries gasoline tank of circumfluence of overflow a powerful person. Current, those who record model machine is energy-saving transform the place outside basically passing the computer signal that changeover board will come to to take the chance that note model transmits common transducer, next repass is common rotate speed of transducer adjustment motor, achieve energy-saving result thereby. Although this transforms a process to come true very easily, but put in the following problem: Product cycle of production is lengthened, behavioral speed slows, systematic pressure decrescent (insufficient power) . Additional, common transducer is used on the machine that note model, incidental interference, the voltaic signal that makes the temperature sensor of high accuracy is outputted is not stable, cause drift of temperature of bucket of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun. ALPHA2000 records model machine the product that special transducer is the characteristic development that my company is aimed at all sorts of machine that note model technically, it is used inside the special control software of buy, can output proportioning valve of the machine that note model signal changeover to output motor to undertake timing for different V/F curve. Made sure the manufacturing technology before the machine that note model is transformed asks not only, and still saved a large number of electric energy. ALPHA2000 records model machine special transducer is aimed at inversion power source advocate loop undertook special design, reduced the harmonic interference to electrified wire netting greatly, the work that assures system of electric equipment of the aircraft that note model thereby is steady, temperature of bucket of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun is stable. ALPHA2000 records model machine special transducer uses signal of speed proportioning valve to add optimize a curve to control motor of the machine that note model, use pressure and motor of control of signal of speed proportioning valve to be compared with common transducer, energy-saving but tower above 5 % ~ 10% . Systematic configuration: This system uses transducer of a 110Kw to control two 45KW motor at the same time, because oil pump is laden,can avoid so inhomogenous and the transducer load that cause is overweight, be helpful for a system more reliable job. Use the machine that note model special control ark, when occurrence breakdown of frequency conversion system, can use labour frequency power source directly through bypass contactor. Heat up ability to increase frequency conversion ark to come loose, outfit fan can be added on frequency conversion ark. Alpha records model machine special model the main parts of an apparatus that transducer uses: Origin of serial number name Fuji of 1 fuse Japan 2 high-power electroanalysis Taiwan of cooling fan of capacitance England BHC3 is built allow 4 printed circuit board Germany of ALPHA20005 IGBT module Germany of 6 commutate bridge characteristic of function of Fuji of 7 contactor Japan 1, hold high power ingredient, decrease without work is power loss, flexible start, when starting, pound without big electric current; 2, reservation notes motor of model lubricating oil pump original Y- △ is started, moving circuitry is changeless; 3, system of original to recording model machine hydraulic pressure and computer control system are not made fluctuant; 4, microcomputer dogs automatically control, phase angle detects technology, feel the change of bear accurately, the groove that self-correcting electric machinery works, the adjustment of pressure and discharge means and before transforming, agree; 5, change mould, the change notes the working position of model machine, all need not record model machine to ALPHA2000 special transducer undertakes adjustment; 6, seesaw pattern mode of operation, use LED monitor and breakdown indicator light at any time the palm accuses a system to run a state; 7, can choose to be versed in frequency moves through switch of ark of frequency conversion control at any time or frequency conversion moves, noisy to producing extremelying He Ying. 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