Technology of metallization of CVLT diamond surface

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When with single crystal of making synthetic diamond Ji Jujing makes a tool, must rely on metal, pottery and porcelain or colophony to regard as mostly stick receive carrier, accordingly, the life of diamond tool reachs use efficiency to divide the diamond that chooses with place and bond to concern outside, still depend on the combinative strength of diamond and bond, but because be in between diamond and carrier,vast difference exists on physics and chemical function, make both union very difficult. For this, already developed technologies of a variety of diamond surface metallization domestic and internationally, do one's best raises diamond and metallic carcass between solder wellability and stick receive strength, in order to prolong the service life of diamond tool. Gas fluid photograph handles the CVLT(chemistry that Chengdu tool institute develops) technology, can be opposite diamond single crystal, small pink, get together brilliant undertakes exterior alloy changes processing, it is current home a kind new-style, advanced diamond surface metallization handles a technology. 1.

The alloy that this technology can have phyletic diamond surface to have all sorts of part to place changes technical characteristic processing, its are main technical characteristic is: Diamond sort: All sorts of diamond single crystal, get together brilliant, small pink and CVD diamond thick film; Exterior alloy turns material: W, Cr, Ti, Ni, Co, Cu, and as good as colophony join sex compound; Ply of exterior alloy film: Can amount to according to need 0.

3 ~ 40µm; The combinative form of exterior film and diamond: Covalent bond and metallurgy are united in wedlock. 2.

The applied domain of this technology basically includes applied field the following respects: Get together alloy of brilliant diamond surface is changed use CVLT technology to be able to be in get together the alloy film that brilliant diamond surface makes 40µm of a 15 ~ , make diamond gets together brilliant can be firm ground agglomeration or solder to go up in metallic carcass. We use this technology successfully on oil broach and mine tool, metallization effect already achieved American GE company to get together with metalloid film the level of brilliant diamond. Alloy of surface of single crystal diamond converts the alloy film that uses CVLT technology to make 5µm of a 1 ~ in surface of single crystal diamond, can raise single crystal diamond greatly the service life of the tool such as emery wheel of agglomeration piece, diamond. The exterior alloy of diamond small pink changes CVLT technology to be used at diamond small pink to basically have two respects use, it is in diamond small pink layer of exterior answer syncretic is made an appointment with 0.

Of 5 μ M (film of alloy of Ni, W, Cr) , this is small pink can be used at making diamond emery wheel (metallic bond and colophony bond) reach corundum polish belt, polish dish etc, in order to raise diamond and carcass stick receive performance. 2 it is to be in surface of diamond small pink is compound (film of alloy of W, Co, Ti) , with this small pink is made get together brilliant diamond, can rise get together the intensity of brilliant diamond and high temperature stability. The organic activation of surface of single crystal diamond uses CVLT technology to be able to express look unfamiliar to grow layer and one colophony to have affinity in single crystal diamond base group and compound, can make the service life of colophony diamond emery wheel rises. CVLT technology still can be used at all sorts of industry patterns, metal case hardening, lubricant, fight corrode, fight the processing such as oxidation. CNC Milling CNC Machining