Gold cuts a machine tool compound the development that changes a technology

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To receive much breed small lot production, variable changes the arrival of breed times, the victory is gained in intense henceforth international market competition, what gold cuts a machine tool to machine is compound the central issue that turns a technology to become attention. Development of compound treatment machine tool is rapid in recent years, center different processing technique on same table machine tool, realizing complete treatment is one of stresses that machine tool technology develops, also be one of technologies with the most active in recent years development. The most outstanding advantage of compound treatment machine tool is OK shorten greatly the manufacturing cycle of workpiece, raise workpiece to machine precision. 1.

Sum up 1. The concept of opportunity of 1 compound treatment to realize the treatment of complex form workpiece, make can complete the treatment of plural working procedure and plural type of work on a machine tool, such machine tool calls compound treatment machine. That is to say, in compound turn the treatment that completely different property can realize to machine a process on the machine tool. Limits of function of compound treatment opportunity changes as the times and change. Have one period, once called machining center compound treatment opportunity. But, general machining center cannot exceed size range of pipe bent of some kind of cutting. The compound treatment opportunity that present compound treatment opportunity already was not in those days, have substantially difference. Modern compound treatment plane is further compound the development that change, if the milling function that carries circumgyrate cutting tool is packed on turning center, there is turning function on machining center, appeared again recently what the intensive of method of different principle treatment machines like laser beam machining and cutting is compound etc, raise a machine tool further compound change rate. 1. The opportunity of development Japan compound treatment of opportunity of 2 compound treatment begins to appear on the market is to going up century 70 time end at the beginning of 80 time. The predecessor day that present dark essence mechanism makes a HITEC establishs machine of essence of life company limited, developed 1979 51 ' C numerical control is compound lathe, milling main shaft and Y axis, cutting tool exchanges function of graduation of main shaft of device, turning automatically (C axis) the prototype that made compound treatment machine. 1983, company limited of Japanese YAMAZAKI MAzAK also developed the S second that has milling function ANT40ATC CNC compound lathe, become the basis of opportunity of compound now treatment. The prototype of compound treatment opportunity that Europe appears the earliest cares about big profit and Austria. Italian Mandelli company (now belongs to Italian RIELI0 group) machining center of the Mandelli 800U of development horizontal, outside dividing milling function, still have turning function, it is a mill car that is a foundation with milling compound treatment opportunity. Company of technology of mill of Austrian WFL car is in crankshaft develops present M set on the foundation of opportunity of treatment of special Che Xi opportunity of compound treatment of large Che Xi. EMAG company developed lathe of vertical of convert numerical control 1995. On this machine tool, have function of workpiece fluctuation makings except main shaft while, still have workpiece library, measure a function, it is an integrated type of production compound treatment opportunity. Because be structure of convert type main shaft, cut bits easy eduction, agree with dry cutting, it is an environmental protection machine tool, conspicuous. Recently, scope of application is expanding, also can process serious work. Already a lot of machine tools made an enterprise develop the compound treatment machine that is used at intricate work treatment now, some is achievable from all rough machining treatment to finish machining. 1. The sort of opportunity of 3 compound treatment 1. 3. 1 turning is given priority to model the compound treatment opportunity that gives priority to with turning treatment is turning compound center. Turning is compound the center is the treatment opportunity that is a foundation with lathe, outside using a tool except turning, still contain on tool carrier can the circumgyrate cutting tool that milling machines, groove peace face can be machined on circular workpiece and strong record work. Opportunity of this kind of compound treatment often holds clip the main shaft make it of workpiece 2, can have same treatment to 2 workpiece at the same time already, also can pass alternant on 2 main shaft clip to hold, complete the treatment that holds position to clip. Now, the work that processes above of 2 working procedure holds the great majority that turning machines. Undertake to these workpiece efficient, high accuracy is machined, have the following 3 kinds of technologies. (Extra work is centralized inside 1) machine of 1 inside machine (outside face) and machine 2 times (inside the surface) 1 / of all sorts of functions is machined 2 times machine. (What 2) machines is compound change machine except turning, the treatment opportunity that the still waits for all sorts of functions of milling treatment, grinding treatment working procedure inside machine centers. (3) intelligence is changed have inside machine store, carry, the unit treatment aircraft that clip of treatment unifinication, workpiece identifying, workpiece maintains the newest monitoring technology such as control, adaptive control, website sth resembling a net. 1. 3. 2 milling are given priority to model (the much axis of machining center changes 1) 5 axle control, divide, outside axle control of X, Y, Z3, make to suit cutting tool pose changes, can make circumgyrate of each feed axis keeps abreast of to specific angle place the opportunity of 5 axes treatment of a fixed position. 5 axes machine the use method of machine to have two kinds: ① uses rotor graduation, make work look tilts to cutting tool, undertake in this condition 3 axle control are machined. ② makes all control axes make successive motion at the same time, namely 5 axes linkage, can wait for the workpiece of appearance of outspread curved surface outside having to undertake machining to impeller. The characteristic of opportunity of treatment of 5 axes linkage is OK escape cutting speed turns into the treatment condition of 0; Can use extend the cutting tool with very short length; The work that can hold extension of the treatment below clip to extend curved surface form in. 6 axle control, with milling of much axle control kind treatment opportunity cannot complex form workpiece machines imitate, and compound treatment is OK. Be opposite for example have taper appearance and tetragonal shape chamfer kind the treatment that waits for workpiece, do not alternate treatment type of work cannot complete treatment before, must turn workpiece to report to machine the treatment on the machine tool. If use circumgyrate cutting tool,can be, make cutting tool makes motion of 6 axle control at the same time, make at the same time swing cutting treatment, can complete treatment on a machine tool. And precision, efficiency also can rise. If use blame circumgyrate cutting tool, must dominate the circumgyrate niche of circumgyrate main shaft, right now 6 axle control are necessary. When be being machined with 6 axle control, when using blame circumgyrate cutting tool, cutting speed is equal to feed speed together, cannot undertake high speed is machined; And the treatment that can suit to cannot process place and form formerly with circumgyrate cutting tool, need not change type of work, use cutting treatment to be able to complete full treatment only, efficiency is taller. (2) of machining center compound change outside be being machined except milling, still lade the dynamical circumgyrate workbench that one can undertake turning. 1. 3. 3 grinding are given priority to model the much axis of grinder is changed, see on inadvertently grinder only so, majority is with assembling and unassemble exercise automation is a purpose. Now, developed can finish on a machine tool inside round, outside the compound treatment opportunity of grinding of round, end panel. Be in Europe for example, developed the compound treatment aircraft of integrated whorl and spline grinding function. 1. 3. What 4 different type of work machine is compound the treatment type intensive that changes an a variety of different principles, be like cutting and grinding, abrade compound; Handle treatment postheat with laser function, solder, cut is amalgamative; Machine and assemble carry out at the same time etc. Still have, centralize turning and milling function, especially gear cutting function the distinctive type of production that wait is compound treatment opportunity; As compound as laser beam machining, developed quench of grinding function and laser compound machine tool of the function. Still developed mechanical milling function, laser in Europe the compound treatment opportunity of the intensive such as three-dimensional treatment function. 1. Citing of advantage of opportunity of 4 compound treatment is expressed quite 1 listed company limited of Japanese YAMAZA cropland MAzAK, 0KUMA company limited and dark essence mechanism make place 3 companies use compound treatment opportunity and the effect that use former method to compare. By the watch in knowable, use compound treatment opportunity to be able to shorten substantially workpiece makes cycle, reduce equipment to cover an area of an area, reduce production cost. Housing of workpiece   wind- driven dynamo   of 1     effect of original MAZAK of   of project of model of cup of paper of noumenon of 0 inches of hydraulic pressure chuck is original 0KUMA MacTum effect is original 44h 6h43m of   of total man-hour of MT2000SZ of method of   of   of   of   of   of   of 350-2SM of method of   of   of   of   of E410H of method of   of   of   of effect of dark essence machine. Foreground mixes the market of opportunity of 5 compound treatment to will develop henceforth (1) market prospect is current, the production that still does not have pair of compound treatment opportunity and sale state have statistical data, can use analogize method to analyse only so, leave factory from numerical control system namely the form of a number differs and the control number of axle of numerical control system is analysed. According to statistic of association of Japanese machine tool industry, numerical control system left factory 1992 stage number is 35843. Among them, equip to go up in compound treatment opportunity (linkage of 4 axes above is controlled) it is 8117, occupy 22 all. 6 % . And numerical control system left factory 2001 stage number is 42899. Among them, those who equip to go up in compound treatment opportunity (4 axes above is controlled) it is 13143, specific gravity is 30. 1 % , increased than 1992 7. 5 percent. Although cannot say 13143 are the treatment opportunity that has compound treatment function, but enough explains, compare with the photograph 10 years ago, the tide that much axis of numerical control system turns is increasing. Press referenced data, numerical control lathe and machining center added up to Japan 2001 family planning produces a number to be 31538 (numerical control lathe 18548, machining center 12990) , 2002 is 22454. Leave factory as a result of what numerical control system dominates different type target of company of a number and investigation of statistic of production of numerical control machine tool and company number do not match, cannot undertake be comparatived simply consequently. Current, can estimation, compound treatment opportunity occupies numerical control lathe and machining center to add up to family planning to produce the 20 % of a number about. Be in 3, after 4 years, the 50 % that compound treatment opportunity occupies numerical control lathe and machining center to add up to family planning to produce a number, 60 % can imagine. Its produce sale dimensions to be able to match with machining center photograph, this is the future of compound treatment opportunity. (2) the direction henceforth is the closest, accompany those who follow a demand of compound treatment opportunity to increase, manufactory of most machine tool enters this market. Current, the case that adds treatment function on numerical control lathe is very much. Manufactory of European machine tool also considers to increase on machining center to join the machine tool of turning function, compound treatment opportunity enters intense competitive period suddenly. Accordingly, if the product of the factory does not have his unique part, gain a victory in intense market competition hard. Henceforth, compound treatment opportunity won't stay on turning and milling only. From quench, grinding, press a person to the different type of work such as treatment of Leng Yacheng form, ultrasonic, laser beam machining to will be combined possibly to a machine tool, be over toward the way of processing machine develops. The newest development of opportunity of treatment of 2 Europe answer stage is the closest, the development of European compound technology is with heterogeneous technology compound for the mainstream. What the development of mill of European machine tool such as Germany basically introduces below is newest and compound change a technology. (10 grinding machine 1) turning (the originator that company of graph 1) Emag is lathe of convert type vertical, after purchasing Reineker company and mill of Karstens company grinding machine, concentrated force quantity develops good car 10 grinding processing technique. Development is divided outside undertaking turning is machined, the compound treatment opportunity that still can have milling, grinding, gear cutting wait (this factory is called muti_function central) . Face an axis kind the horizontal production center of workpiece also is in commercial. Company of German Schaudt Mikrosa BWF developed STRATOS series car to grind a center, can mix to gear of similar work inside aperture, end panel, cone undertakes good car and grinding. The machine tool also uses structure of convert type main shaft, its characteristic is most on lathe bed vertical plane can configure installation 4, 5 knives tower and wheelhead. Series has small in big 3 breed, treatment work is the greatest circumgyrate diameter 380mm, width (150 / of 100 / 200)mm, chuck diameter (125, 210 / 210, 260 / 260, 320)mm. (Technology of cutting of 2) supersonic vibration (company of Hermann Sauer of graph 2) Germany developed technology of brand-new supersonic and oscillatory cutting, rated stimulate Zhen Pin rate to be 20kHz, use at processing hard fragile data. Because cutting feed rate rises greatly, make cutting efficiency raises common cutting method 4, 5 times. This technology is in opportunity of treatment of the DMS35 that car of vertical of type of convert of graph 1 Emag/Reineker VSC250 HDS grinds compound machine to be able to undertake on a machine tool good car and grinding treatment Deckel/Mcho/Hermann Sauser are made ultrasonic at present DMS35 go up to configure equipment as the standard with opportunity of DMS50 ultrasonic treatment. The 3 axes journey of DMS35 machine tool is axis of 240 Mm(1 / ) , 340mm(Z axis) with 350mm(X axis) ; And it is power of 500 Mm, electromotor to the X axis journey of DMS50 machine tool for 1. 8 / 1. 3kW, main shaft is highest rotate speed chooses 60000 √ Min) for 3000r / Min(, speed of the biggest feed can achieve 5000mm/min. (10 report machine 3) grinding German WALTER company is production cutting tool of tool grinding machine, cutting and accurate tool measure the famous manufactory of machine. Grinding machine of tool of the 10 Diamond of Helitronic Power that this factory develops recently CNC is with 2 change the new breed that one concept develops. Discharge can come true to machine 10 grinding treatment on this machine tool, suit the efficient high accuracy of diamond tool to machine very much. This tool grinding machine has type of production and of on 5 type such as makings device, power of electromotor of grinding main shaft can be in 9, the choice inside 24kW limits. (10 good stuff machine 4) milling (company of HERMIE of graph 3) Germany is the machine tool manufactory that is engaged in production of milling machine, machining center. The club of new model S100M of this factory expects machining center, the heavy load milling head that the distinction with turning center is outfit stock tall tigidity, can undertake to good stuff workpiece treatment of chamfer of milling, aperture, tap and turning are machined. Circumgyrate of good stuff workpiece 360. (A axis) , circumgyrate of milling head slide carriage 270. (B axis) . Treatment is held in both hands expect the largest size is 480mm × L 000mm, use 5 axle control to be able to realize treatment of work of body of circle, horn. What the machine tool matchs stock to be able to lay in 7 good stuff is automatic go up makings device, but long unmanned value defends treatment. Graph S100M of 3 Hermle company machining center throwing capable person, machine polygon with 5 axle control German DMG group also developed DMC60S club to expect machining center, can undertake to good stuff workpiece 6 milling are machined. Main shaft of workpiece of the makings that divide a club undertakes 360. Circumgyrate (4 axes) , workpiece main shaft fluctuation is mobile (Z axis) , milling head 150 ° swing (B axis) , X / 2, outside axial shift, the machine tool still contains can undertake 90. Revolving retroflexions clamping apparatus. When treatment, retroflexion the card claw of clamping apparatus is in lower part. After milling machines working procedure to finish, when wanting to use a milling cutter to cut off good stuff, retroflexion clamping apparatus circumgyrate 180 ° , make get stuck to claw turns to upper part and clip workpiece. After workpiece is cut off, card claw turns over hour hand circumgyrate 90 ° , right now usable milling cutter processes work the 6th. In addition, the machine tool still deserves to have rear push frame, be machined in order to rise the tigidity of workpiece. Rear push frame is in lower part of workpiece main shaft commonly, as same as workpiece main shaft axes moves to go up up when need, with tip general workpiece the top is tightened. Swiss Willemin, the 5 axes of has unit of the makings on good stuff W408B that Macodel company develops are marvellous expect machining center, comfortable 6 treatment at small-sized workpiece. Treatment good stuff is the oldest diametical 423mm; Rotate speed of milling main shaft 50, 30000r / Min, milling main shaft swings limits, 10 ° ~ 10 100 ° ; Workpiece main shaft has A axis, resolution 0. 001mm; The machine tool is used change pillar structure. To realize 6 treatment, one is set to retroflexion in lower part of workpiece main shaft clamping apparatus, in order to is clipped by piece the workpiece that milling cutter cuts off, retroflexion 90 ° , so that milling main shaft has treatment to cutting off a face. (5) much axis is automatic lathe head of 10 hob cutting (graph 4, company of Index Werke of graph 5) Germany bought manufacturing much axle automatic lathe and odd axis are automatic the Truab company of lathe, the new generation technology such as shunt-wound orgnaization uses on vertical lathe, its get in the challenge attitude on the technology the attention of bound of world machine tool. MS32 of company of graph 4 Indek 6 axes pursue from motor-car bed the rolling that MS32 of 5 Indek company 6 axes lade from motor-car bed cuts unit (options) the Multiline MS series of Index company is the many axis that has tall productivity automatic, have change the property such as cutting tool high accuracy, flexibly, quickly. Because use demodulation design, 18 in tool carrier module, can get used to an user different need. Multiline MS32G always shares 6 pairs of double main shaft, can machine at the same time with the reverse side in front. 12 main shaft by 12 electromotor alone drive. To get optimal cutting rate, all can undertake speed is controlled. Still can lade on the machine tool hob cutting model is fast (choose) . Machine tool main shaft is highest Min of / of rotate speed 6300r, 2 axes of / of J of cutting tool slide journey 68mnJl60 Mm, main shaft measures 240mm relative to shift, machine most 32mm of diameter of makings of big stick-means of intimidation. (6) honing 10 laser beam machining (company of Gehring of graph 6) Germany at going up the development that the century begins dedicated Yu Hang to grind a technology in 80 time. Now, its user basically makes a trade in the car, occupy its to sell the 75 % of gross about. The latest technology of this company is laser honing (become laser aggrandizement) . It laser (D of / of 60W / N. YAG) outfit is on honing machine, undertake to surface of wall of cylinder body honing with laser aggrandizement is machined, form lube antrum compulsively. Can expect, processing technique of honing of this kind of laser will receive promotion application in the industry such as the car. The laser head that company of graph 6 Gehring develops alone (YGA/60W) , inside cylinder body with laser the surface forms lube oil pocket the compound treatment opportunity of the newest development Japan of opportunity of treatment of 3 Japan answer stage basically is the Che Xi that develops for the foundation with lathe compound center. The mill of INTEGREX series car that main delegate product is YAMAzAKI MAZAK company limited is compound center, get applied extensively on actual production, gained considerable benefit. The place of company limited of milling machine of after this 0KUMA and dark essence machine that make also developed Che Xi compound center. At the beginning of 2l century, YAMAzAKI MAzAK company limited was developed again compound turn the INTEGREX E set with higher rate compound treatment opportunity. Develop aircraft of Japanese compound treatment circumstance introduction now at falling. 3. The 350 series of MACTURN 250 / that 1 working procedure is over to center means 0KUMA company limited completely car mill center, use structure of contraposition main shaft, 9 axle control, can undertake treatment of cant of external diameter turning, bend, gear hobbing treatment, cam is mixed prejudicial wait for treatment. Because working procedure height is centered, because this can shrink substantially,short work machines cycle, raise treatment precision. The E of YAMAZAKI MAZAK company limited, 6 mill of 1060V / vehicle center is the compound treatment aircraft that develops for the foundation with machining center of 5 axes horizontal. Its are the biggest the characteristic is to be able to achieve great Y axis distance (1060 Mm) and the carrying capacity that have 2700kg work. E, 410H, S and E, the gather that center of 650H Che Xi is lathe and machining center, use the structure that use post, also have big Y axis stroke, milling head (B axis) place horn to be able to be amounted to 240. . Quench according to needing to still can configure long hammer lever, laser function and grinding main shaft, enlarged size range of pipe bent greatly. The MT of the place of dark essence machine that make, center of 2500 cars mill is lathe and 5 axes of machining center compound, or so contraposition two turning main shaft, there are two blade holders up and down in line of center of turning main shaft, for construction of platform of double knife of double main shaft. Go up blade holder (cutter spindle) except outside having axis of / of X, I, Z3 to move point-blank, still can circle Y axis to make JZ planar turn () of B axis function. Blade holder equips on ATC function. Next blade holder are OK axis of / of edge X, I is mobile, it is tower type blade holder. CITIZEN essence machine also according to the concept that into workpiece all working procedure machine is finished in a machine tool, threw production of CINCOM series machine tool. CINCoM M32, 5 it is stage of double main shaft, 3 knives, 10 axes the much axis of mixed control is much systematic machine tool, can undertake tall function, tall productivity is machined. The village takes the chance of SuPerNTJ compound treatment of accurate industry in, it is to be in original the upside knife tower of 4 axes lathe is added installed rotor (B axis) development rises. Its are the biggest the characteristic is a transverse tool carrier can undertake direction of radial, end panel and inclined direction are machined. The machine tool previously, the treatment of end panel direction is used linear model tool carrier, angle is versed in at LA mouth is to must use angle tool carrier. To SuperNTJ, because have rotor, afore-mentioned these tool carrier need not want, so, working procedure centers charge of easy, cutting tool to decrease. Still have, because lade the milling electromotor of high-power, reason can undertake milling is machined. Such, more enlarged size range of pipe bent. 3.

2 use the mode that gives priority to body to change a method the TMM250 of place of Tong lustre ironwork is a basis diverse demand environment, establish all sorts of be over treatment is unit, change pattern of compound treatment opportunity, pass the combination of the component, get used to the type that various user needs with short date of delivery. Mode 1 for lathe of complex much system, mode 3 machine main shaft to strengthen mill model compound treatment opportunity. TMM, 250 mode 1, standard configuration is 2 main shaft, left main shaft matchs electromotor of 22kW main shaft, 10 inches of chuck; Main shaft matchs on the right side of 18. Electromotor of 5kW main shaft, 10 inches of / 8 inches of chuck. The SUPER HICELl250 of HITEC of dark essence machine is the 5 axes that realize complete treatment centrally with working procedure (machine tool of X, Y, Z, B, C) , deputy main shaft also has station of knife of C / Z, 0. 00l ° graduation () of axial B)(options. The ECAS20 of STAR nicety, with complex form crash for the concept, from mechanical, control two respects are achieved efficient treatment. Use mixture system and opposite knife station, with realizing the treatment of intricate work easily. Contain in all faces stage of knife of circumgyrate cutting tool, can positive and negative is amphibious. Machine tool pursuit improves operation sex, exercise sex and productivity. The XY of high soft mechanical industry, 120, y axis journey enlarges ± 30mm, span of two main shaft leaves expand into 100mm, size range of pipe bent expands substantially. Tower of 12 horn knife can pack circumgyrate cutting tool, deputy main shaft also sets Cs graduation to control a function, can realize the complete treatment of face of inside and outside. Set chosen VDI knife tower, shortened working procedure basic cycle time. The BNJ of MIYAN0, 34S, the left and right sides has two groups of main shaft and knife tower, can undertake face of inside and outside is machined at the same time independently completely. It is only when graduation of deputy knife tower, to avert interference, deputy main shaft must control shift. Compare with the machine tool photograph of tower of a 2 general main shaft, knife, handling time can shorten most 40 % . Be restricted greatly abundant and mechanical VTM, 80YB, go after the rationalize that turning of intricate work vertical machines. Great work, complex form workpiece uses APC means (workbench exchanges systematic) automatically. Because have turn of axis of B, C, usable and same cutting tool undertakes standing, lie treatment and inclined hole treatment, can shorten handling time and cut clamping apparatus cost substantially. The machine tool uses the knife handle that two sides locates, can get used to heavy cut. 0, the 0mega 60YB of the M place that make is on the foundation of axis of X, Y, Z, C, added the circumgyrate graduation function of cutter spindle (6 axes) , make 5 axle control machine, can machine the curved surface of complex form, the height that reachs treatment working procedure is centralized. Because working procedure is centered, shortened total floor-to-floor time and disappear besides what because workpiece assembles and unassemble,the error causes precision drops. Can have all sorts of treatment (groove, aperture, whorl, inside) of exterior stage shoulder and T chamfer. Because the high speed of each axis, APC is changed, shortened auxiliary time. The STAC of a metallic industry, 25MF, the X that is in original turning center, 2, added on the foundation of C axis Y axis () of fixed position of workbench around feed, the angle head accessory with still install stock tigidity good. Accordingly, hold stock concurrently to stand, lie the function of machining center, its effect can be produced in production of much breed small lot. On a machine tool, the milling that machines 5 much face, treatment from turning, bore, tap and hammer aperture can install card to finish. 3. 3 grind a grinding of automatic circumgyrate means treatment is compound the GU4 that changes a machine tool to have opportunity of Feng Tian labour, 100R, because grind a can automatic circumgyrate, in outfit card falls, achievable outside round, inside circle and end panel grinding, the coaxial of circle of inside and outside is spent can amount to 0. 15 μ M, circularity can be amounted to 0. 2 μ M. It machines external diameter and end panel with the bevel angle emery wheel of big diameter; With big diameter straight emery wheel machines columnar face. Of NAGSINTEGREX exceed opportunity of gear cutting of accurate figuration plane, it is with exceeding accurate plane grinder is a foundation, laded exceed accurate index plate (1000) of ± L / , inside stage of machine of tine grinding device, planar grinding, exceed accurate circumgyrate workbench, outside can undertaking, inside treatment of plane of precision of the superprecision of tine, freeboard, exceed rigid lens face to machine. Present compound machine machines a method to include to excise treatment and heat treatment. Excision treatment has turning, milling, gear to boil cut, auger cut, the cutting treatment such as aperture of tap, hammer, mill coming back and grinding treatment. Heat treatment, deployed laser to quench on partial machine tool only at present function. Henceforth, solder with YAG laser and make excision with C02 laser treatment is raising the respect such as precision to will produce positive effect, excise the organic ground confluence such as treatment with machinery, can appear surely new compound the couple that spend. Opportunity of compound treatment of 4 our country develops opportunity of our country compound treatment to just start, basically be Che Xi compound treatment opportunity. Opportunity of first compound treatment appeared 2001 China International machine tool is exhibited on, it is the Che Xi that produces by Inc. of Shenyang machine tool and cooperation of company of German MAX MULLER compound center. Knife library is 16 dish of form knife library, knives, it is on the right side of the machine tool, use inorganic instrument hand to change a knife. China International machine tool was exhibited 2003 on, inc. of Shenyang machine tool exhibited many Che Xi that develops by oneself is compound center, have SSCK 40, 5 cars mill is compound center, SSCK 80, 5 / Che Xi of 2000 Che Xi compound centers, CX6154 is compound center and SSK, U6035 is special and compound Che Xi center. Among them SSCK 80, 2000 cars of 5 / mill is compound center, 800mm of ¢ of diameter of the biggest treatment, process a rod kind work is the greatest diametical ¢ 600 Mm, machine length 2000mm, y axis journey 10 200 ~ , 150mm, b axis swings limits 180 ° , 2800r/min of rotate speed of workpiece main shaft, 37kW of main shaft power, 4000r/min of rotate speed of milling main shaft, 22kW of main shaft power, axle control of X, Y, Z, C, B5. The CXH7525 Che Xi that Inc. of machine tool of numerical control of Jiangsu much arris exhibited to be developed by oneself is compound center, it is the combination of lathe and machining center. Use change pillar structure, have the Y axis of great distance, to cast 620mm, 500mm of ¢ of diameter of the biggest treatment, machine length LO00mm, milling head swings limits 240 ° , can come true 4, 5 axes linkage. Although, development of opportunity of our country compound treatment starts later, but use compound treatment machine on actual production already. Be in plant of Shanghai car gear, the grinding of gear of RZF worm emery wheel that the VSC250 HDS of the German EMAG firm that used an entrance car worries compound treatment opportunity and Swiss Reishauer company 10 honing are compound treatment opportunity. Be machined in crankshaft and camshaft treatment, and scientific research, new product makes the Che Xi that went up to already also used many entrances compound treatment opportunity, the car mill center of company of art of trick-cycling of mill of WFL of the car mill compound center that be like INTEGREX of Japanese MAZAK company is company of INDEX of train mill center, Germany, Austria is waited a moment. The development of compound processing technique will give 5 last words the birth henceforth bring revolutionary great change. The administration of the organization of the mode of the production of the factory, production, production will produce change. Era is coming when an adumbrative complete treatment, process work finished product directly from semifinished product on a machine tool namely, send assemble, general assembly undertakes constructional, implementation was not in goods, produce without the profit of semi-manufactured goods, real essence of life that does not have warehouse for finished product. CNC Milling CNC Machining